Dose of hope: Psalm 94:18

When I felt my feet slipping you came with your love and kept me steady - printable memory verse card at the link

I snapped this photo while looking out over the Catskill Mountains on our way back from the Hudson River Valley.  Right click to save or print the memory verse card below. Have a beautiful weekend!

Psalm 94-18 memory verse card from wearegospelgirls dot com



  1. I’m *sure* I’ve read this verse before (there was one crazy year of life when I actually read through the whole Bible in a year) but it feels new to me. I never noticed that one little phrase–“you came with your love and kept me steady.” It’s His *love* that steadies us when we are falling. Of course it is. It’s always His love. And yet I’m always forgetting that that’s the only thing I need. That that’s the thing I’m really begging Him for when I am pleading for help and comfort and deliverance. Thank you for pointing out this verse. And thank you for, you know, just being you! Happy Weekend to you, Dear One!


    1. PS–I just wrote a letter today to the girl I sponsor in Indonesia (she’s almost 17 now) and I loved this verse so much that I shared it with her in the letter. She lost her mom several years ago and her dad last year, so I’m always looking for ways to encourage her on the hard road. You’re timing was perfect on this verse, so thank you!


    2. I think that’s why I’m on a serious Psalms kick right now! You can memorize almost any of them and it’s so relevant to our lives right now. I love how a verse sticks out in new ways when He’s reaching out to us.


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