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Kim Fernando {praylivecreate.com}

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Kim Fernando

I’m a Midwestern woman living in New York City where I spend my days wrestling with the city that never sleeps, my nights pampering my husband and our two cats, and all of my in-between time learning how to grab hold of this life I never planned for and live it to the full.

I have a thing for good books, comfortable dresses, words of encouragement, planning vacations, and gushing about the Good News and a Savior who heals me time and time again.

You can find me here, here, here, or right here.

Stephanie Oh {praylivecreate.com}

Stephanie Oh

I spent five years rubbing shoulders with Grammy-nominated artists as a music publicist in New York City before trading in bright lights and late nights for the ‘burbs of Washington DC. Now I spend my days teaching preschool at a Christian church and evenings and weekends elbow deep in paint and spackle as my husband and I update the home we share with our two smarty pants rescue dogs, Riley and Kenzie (update: after 3 years we’re finally done!). We have two babies in Heaven that we look forward to joining every day.

30-something. Believer in the one true God and thankful for being saved by grace. I like my music with a little bit of country and my food with a lot of healthy. Oh, and I’ll take an inspiring true story and good, clean detective show any day of the week.

Connect with me here, here, or right here.

Riley & Kenzie