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What I Learned and Loved in August (And September’s Goals)

What I Learned and Loved in August {praylivecreate.com}

I skipped a month of what I learned and loved, but I figured this post served as a good wrap up of where I was in July. So here’s what I learned and loved in August…

I learned that nothing really depends on me. When I chose to follow Jesus into less, it was because I didn’t have anything left, and I knew that even if I couldn’t get everything right, I could say no a whole lot more. Honestly, nothing really changed except that I got the first hint of emotional and mental space that I’d had in years, and I learned who can and can’t handle hearing the word no in my life. I also saw God carry me in ways only He can do. It reminded me for the millionth time that I am not my provider and also that I don’t need to have answers to anything in life, I just need to rest in Him.

The names that God chooses to call us say a lot about His feelings for us. I’ve said it a bunch, and I’m honestly not done saying it that I think if we all really believed we’re chosen, loved, blessed, belong, gifted, forgiven, known, and secure our lives would look so much different (and less busy!). I’m preaching to the choir on this one, because it’s something that I know but fail to live out when I’m wrapped up in the day to day demands of an especially demanding city.

I also learned that Holland built a system that would allow the nation to flood low-lying areas of the country with water that was too shallow for boats but too deep for troops to cross in case of war. From my understanding, the system was never used, but that didn’t stop them from building a series of forts throughout the country that are now used as public parks or bed and breakfasts. Interesting, right?

I fell in love with Maine during our anniversary / birthday trip last weekend. We spent the weekend in Portland with a stop in Kennebunkport on the way home. I’ll probably be sharing more about it soon, but it’s hard to say which town I liked more. Coming home has been both easier and harder in some ways, but overall seeing how people live outside of NYC and getting to experience a slower pace of life was so good for us and it gave us both a lot of hope for whatever God has in store.

And lastly, I’m re-learning how to use my voice. In the past, I was a pretty outspoken person. But somewhere along the last three years I toned it down, because there were bills to pay and people to please to make that happen. Honestly, if there’s anything I’m learning right now it’s that people who need to be pleased aren’t really worth the time. My biggest priority for this month is continuing to ask God to come in and bring His best and give us confidence to not mind the fall out along the way. Which leads me to September’s goals!

September’s Goals

Say no even more. There are still a lot of areas where I’m working on this, and some of them are harder than others (i.e. they involve upsetting a lot more people). So it’s staying on the agenda.

Host a movie night. Heshan and I used to host monthly movie nights as an opportunity to get together with everyone we know, break bread, and have a fun night together. It’s been a few years since we’ve had one and we’ve done a really good job of being anti-social over the past month, so we’re hoping to get a new movie night on the schedule for this month.

That’s it’s for me. What did you learn and love in August and what are your goals for this month?


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What I Learned and Loved in June (and July’s Goals)

June was one of the best months I’ve had in years. I don’t know how else to say it other than that it was just so covered in grace, even during the rough parts. I shared a little bit more in depth with last week’s update and post on Ruth, and there’s still more to share about what I’m actually doing with my time when the time is right. But all that to say, in the last month I was aware of God’s presence and love in my life in a way I haven’t been in a long time. And it feels awesome.

So as always let’s look back at a few things I learned and loved in June and look forward to what I’m hoping to see unfold this month, if the Lord’s willing. And if not, we’ll wrap it up again next month, right?

What I Learned and Loved in June: Treat Cards {praylivecreate.com}

Treat yo’ self: I could make all sorts of excuses about why I’m sometimes bad at sending cards in the mail (sometimes I’m really good at it), like how I stand up on at least part of my commute and walk down 8 flights of stairs at the end of the day because waiting for the elevator in my office building is like waiting for the rapture – that is to say with great expectation and longing but with no confirmation of the day or hour – but the fact is it’s just hard to get to the store sometimes and even harder to find the right card. So I’m resolving to send any cards I have to send this month through Treat, which lets you order online and still mail to their address. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m convinced I’ll love it more than trying to find the last un-bent card at Rite Aid with the right sized envelope.

What I Leaned and Loved in June: Pocket {praylivecreate.com}

Pocket. My boss turned me on to this app / website that makes it incredibly easy to save anything online for later. You guys, I love it. I’ve been putting everything into my “pocket” for later, and I love that I can tag the items so I know why I wanted to read it. It’s great for saving blog posts I need to read later. (Notice, I did use the word “need“…) And also for important things. How is it different than Pinterest? It’s not so much about saving pretty things to look at as it is a great way to save reading for a time when you can come back to it.

On the list of random things I learned (and this one was technically July 1st) is that raccoon’s only have a lifespan of two to three years in the wild. Who knew?

Here’s how things shook out with June’s goals… 

I set one major goal for June, and that was Just Say No June. Overall, I think we did pretty well with asking ourselves, do we need to say yes or is this something we should say no to? And we found ourselves with more time and more peace, even if June wasn’t perfect. (It never really is, right?)

But the best thing I picked up in June was joining along with She Reads Truth’s study of Ruth. I literally cannot get enough of it. After months of wanting more Bible study in my day, I’m loving being able to pull up the daily study on my phone every morning on my way to work, and I love that it’s a community of women doing it together. We just started a new series on the Sermon on the Mount this week, and I’m already a day behind but I can’t wait to catch up.

July’s Goals

Other than sticking with the good things that we already have going (like going to bed earlier, enjoying my daily Bible study routine, walking with Jesus and not outpacing Him), here are a few “light” goals if you will for this month.

Relabel and reorganize my Pinterest boards. I want to put all the DIY cleaning products onto a board called “Clean,” and I want to reorganize them in general.

Pick a few pins and try them out. I also want to go through my boards and remind myself why I pinned certain things. Sometimes it’s for me, sometimes it’s for other people, sometimes it’s just because I like to curate a cool board on a certain topic. But I want to pick out a few things that I already pinned and try them out.

Get back into menu planning. When I was menu planning it changed our lives, but I got way off track when I was working two jobs and going through the general commotion of life change. I want to pick that habit back up again and see if it is as great this time around.

So that’s it over here. What about you guys? What are you learning and loving, and what are you looking forward to in July?


What I Learned and Loved in May (and June’s Goals)

What I Learned and Loved in May {praylivecreate.com}

May was the month in which nothing went according to plan. And even though people usually say this about April, last month was the one that came in like a lion and out like a lamb in our world. So here’s a quick list of things I learned and loved. Most of all I learned that sometimes setbacks happen, and that’s OK. Our God still uses them for good. 

Heshan and I took two small getaways to the Hudson River Valley last month – one to Bear Mountain, where we drove up to the peak and watched the sun set over dinner, and the second to a little town called Cold Spring, where we took photos over the waterfront, ate the best Texas BBQ ever at a small roadside spot in the middle of nowhere, and chased it down with some serious ice cream at Moo Moo’s Creamery. You guys… I have never had a better sugar-free chocolate in my life and I’ve never seen a bigger “one scoop” cup in my three+ decades of existence. Amazing.

Rhinestone Jesus. I won’t go into this again, since I’ve already raved about it with you before, but I loved it and couldn’t have read it at a better time.

Fernando Fotography. I shared this with you earlier, too, but it was a big part of what this month held for us as a family. Heshan and I officially launched our photography side project, and it’s grown us and stretched us in ways I’m super grateful for. Also, it’s been a great excuse to get out of town and find some scenery. Also, my husband is a way better photographer than me, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve learned over the last six years that when God wants my attention He finds a way to make me be still, and May was no exception. After taking on a few too many tasks and visiting a friend in the hospital a few times, I contracted a nasty infection that kept me sidelined for almost a full week. The amazing part is that the rest was totally needed, and it helped Heshan and me completely revise our sleep and wake schedule and take on one of this month’s goals – Just say No June. More on that below.

Our Follow Frame is actually working. In a miracle of all miracles, my husband is actually referring to this thing regularly in his decision making process, without me saying a word or drawing his attention to it at all. If you are praying for him, thank you. If you’re praying for us, keep it coming. If you’re the praying type, add us to your prayers. Big things are happening in our household and I’m not above calling them miraculous or from the heavens above.

Kobeyaki New York {praylivecreate.com} #eat #NYC #placestogo

This place was our new fave date spot all month when we discovered they have Japanese style burgers, tempura sweet potato fries, and cooked sushi with real crab. Basically what I’m saying is I learned I’ll eat anything with spicy mayo.

Here’s how things worked out with May’s goals… 

You guys… how could I forget to tell you this first? In April, Heshan and I paid off all my credit card debt! Which really means we paid off all of my medical bills + one stupid designer  hat decision I’d made in my mid-twenties that haunted me for the next six years when my plan to “pay it off in one week” was totally turned upside down by a $3,500 medical bill I never expected. This was a big deal. We’re funneling our funds to his debt now and asking God to guide us through a whole bunch of financial things, and we’re expecting results if only because we serve a big God.

– Rest. This one was a mixed bag. After struggling with sleeplessness for the first half of the month, I went on rest overload and slept eleven hours a night through most of my time at home sick.

– Bible Study. I’m singing progress on this one. I told you guys for the last two months that I’m trying to schedule 30 minutes a day of serious study, and even though I didn’t get a full 30 minutes everyday, it’s been great to get back into the Word and learn again. Right now I’m just studying based on stuff I’m reading in books (I picked up Chip Ingram’s The Invisible War again to finish the last few chapters) or devotionals, and Heshan and I are picking out a new Bible study for our small group for this month.

– Invest in myself. Doing it. Going to keep getting better at this. This verse is my fave right now:

When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers—
    the moon and the stars you set in place—
what are mere mortals that you should think about them,
    human beings that you should care for them?
Yet you made them only a little lower than God
    and crowned them with glory and honor.
– Psalm 8:3-5

– Remember that I don’t need Jesus and a job, I need Jesus. Check and double check. Turns out God is serious about those fears becoming smaller than our faith.

And here are my goals for this month… 

I’m not a big formal goal-setter, so as I’m writing this I’m thinking about how funny it is that I’m actually setting these goals. But what I love about this whole process is no one’s holding the goal’s over my head. I’m just setting a few areas to be intentional in and doing my best to live each day with intention.

One of our biggest goals this month is Just say no June. We tried this a year ago and didn’t really rock it, but this time we’re in it to win it. Heshan is already leading the way by saying no to a whole bunch of things in order to stay on track with the right things. Starting with getting into bed 2-3 hours earlier now that we’re both starting new jobs and waking up earlier, too. Our new schedule = our fave.

What about you? What are your goals? What did you learn and love this month? Lay it on me…

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What I Learned and Loved in April (and May’s Goals!)


When Heshan and I road tripped to Ohio with Steph and her husband I learned that home is wherever the people you love are. When I left Ohio ten years ago at the age of 22, I thought I’d never look back, but on our visit I realized I missed it more than ever. Even though I didn’t want our week long family reunion to end, I eventually had to come back to New York with Heshan, and I learned that home is also the life God is building for us wherever we are. I spent the first few days pouting and the next few days making crazy plans to love our apartment like it’s our forever home until God moves us into the home I’m dreaming about. I can’t wait to break our paint rollers out and make it all happen.

There will be new pillows (already in the works), there will be new art (already in my head), and there will be a giant wall of chalkboard just like Krystle suggested when I shared our new entryway table. At least if I have anything to do with it.

I also learned that when I live life looking for a safety net, I’m not really living in the fullness and freedom of Christ. So this month after years of dreaming, I took what feels like a ginormous leap of faith and quit my job with no real assurances that it’s going to work out, but with a renewed confidence that God’s promises to always be with me are true. And with a serious excitement about what He can do. This feels huge, because for the past two years Heshan and I have lived almost exclusively off of my income and benefits while he works his way through a PhD, so I’ve spent that time playing it safe when it comes to living out our dreams. But recently I felt God nudging me to acknowledge that I’d falsely built myself up as a provider instead of looking at Him as our ultimate Provider. And in doing so, I was carrying a huge weight He never intended for me to carry, and it wasn’t pretty.

So while I can’t really go into all the details now, April was a big month of risk just like I thought it would be. May’s going to be even riskier, and June’s going to be a whole new thing whatever that turns out to be. I’m excited. I’m in awe. I feel like I’m finally remembering how to take one step at a time in real faith again, and I can’t wait to share it all with you as soon as I can. For now let’s just say I’m getting back to my roots, back to my First Love, and also into something new that’s stretching me like woah.

To celebrate, Heshan bought me two pairs of these adorable Sam & Libby shoes that Steph found at Target (on clearance right now in stores for $20.00. Genuine leather. Ladies, do it!). I’m rocking them in pink and navy like there’s no tomorrow.

Sam and Libby flats available at Target

Lastly, I’m still loving Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch and soaking up every page like she’s telling my life story. I could quote this book for days. I considered Tweeting it like crazy, until I realized I was practically giving the whole thing away. But seriously, her story of how she came to terms with the life she had (instead of the life she imagined) and how she learned to say yes to God in the middle of her everyday mess has been impacting me in ways I’ll probably still be discovering for months or years to come. She and I have drastically different lives, in different parts of the country, with almost nothing in common on the surface except for our love of Jesus. But can I tell you, she shares her heart with such openness and honesty that every chapter has me nodding my head like I’m right there with her. The book is in stores today, and I’m not just telling you because I got my copy for free. (Also I’m not using affiliate links, so this link is out of love). It’s the real deal.

Here’s how I did with April’s goals… 

– Keep getting up earlier.  Not even close. I got up later than ever in April, and I realized on our vacation to Ohio that part of what God’s doing in my life right now is giving me rest. I’ll take it. I’m not getting like 10 hours of sleep or anything (and I had a few sleepless nights when Heshan ended up in the ER with a serious stomach virus followed by our late night trip back home), but for the most part I’m hitting snooze as long as possible and taking advantage of this transition time to cuddle next to Heshan as late as I can until my feet hit the floor. It feels absolutely luxurious to be able to get a full night’s sleep and wake up slowly together after years of denying ourselves rest.

I plan to keep it up through May unless you count the fact that I was up before dawn today to get to Pennsylvania with my friend Karyn so we can see Beth Moore. Apparently it’s all about incentives for me.

– Manage my time more intentionally. Success! I’m doing pretty good at this recently mostly because I’m taking things one step at a time. I’m keeping it on the list for May.

– Make sure I get 30 minutes of Bible study a day in before bed.  I’m getting my book reading in on my morning and evening subway rides (totally loving The Invisible War by Chip Ingram and Rhinestone Jesus) and I’m getting into my Bible everyday, but I didn’t get as much time for deep study as I wanted. So this stays on the list.

– Keep working on a dream the Lord’s planted in my heart. This is a slow going one happening in baby steps on His timeline, but some exciting things happened last month. Like quitting my job! Cryptic enough?

And here are May’s goals…

Rest. Like how I did that?

Bible Study Keeping this on the list.

Invest in myself. I’ve been so busy since I went through illness years ago that I stopped investing in myself or even letting others invest in me in a lot of ways. So May’s goals are going to be all about accepting rest and letting God pamper me a bit (which is probably a not so deep way of realizing my life should reflect my faith that God’s in control and loves me). So whether it’s doing my nails, buying a new dress, or taking a nap, I’m letting it happen this month.

Remember that I don’t need Jesus and a job, I need Jesus. Something awesome happened on the morning I woke up and realized I’d spent my entire adult life looking for Jesus and a job in order to feel secure. While I’ve had some pretty cool jobs with some fun companies, that attitude also led me to taking a job I wasn’t happy in and then staying there way too long. So instead of asking Jesus to prove that I’m secure in Him by giving me the most stable job on the face of the planet, I’m taking on something fun and trusting that He’s got things worked out.

What about you? What are your goals? What did you learn and love this month? Lay it on me…

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What I Learned and Loved in March (and April’s Goals!)

What I Learned and Loved in March (and April's Goals) {praylivecreate.com}

I can get up early, if I really want to.  I’m not a big fan of getting up before the sun rises (spoiled, I know, but Heshan and I do burn the midnight oil when his dissertation season’s in full swing) but last month I got up way earlier than normal a total of three times, and I was pretty excited to make it happen at all. I move in baby steps, but eventually I get there.

I also learned that I can read books on a Nook, if I really want to. My friends gifted me with an amazing Nook, and I finally braved the digital book world to download Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor after my pastor recommended it.  And even though I miss my favorite underline, squiggle line, and double line technique, it’s so light!

OK, Capital One 360. Enough said. That’s not an affiliate link, but it is definitely to let you know that when The Nester said she and her husband paid off a ton of debt while using Capital One 360, Hesh and I checked it out. And so far it’s working. They allow you to open up to 25 high interest  and completely free savings accounts (no minimums, no monthly payments) and give each a nickname (like car fund or longterm savings or gift giving or whatever) to make saving up for multiple things or even managing everyday expenses easier. A couple months ago we opened several interconnected savings accounts (like a car fund for maintenance and repairs, longterm savings, emergency savings, and accounts for other dreams or things we’re saving up for) and a new checking account just for groceries, and it’s already making a huge difference. Heshan was super excited when he took the car in for maintenance and found we had almost enough already set aside in our car fund to cover it. It cost us almost nothing out of our usual spending money, which was an amazing feeling.

On a not so glamorous tip, I learned that sometimes we have to tell people what our boundaries are in order for them not to cross them. I always assume it goes without saying that you should treat others how you want to be treated, but for some people it really doesn’t. So we have to say it. And sometimes that’s all it takes to be able to accept an apology you didn’t want to accept.

I learned how to make graphics! Like this one, this one, and this one. I still have a lot to learn, but you have to start somewhere, so I’ll take it.

I’m also learning how to take photos. Like the one at the top of this post that I’ve been rocking on Bloglovin’ since the beginning of the month. I’ve always loved photography, and since Heshan has a serious passion for it (we’re talking staying up all hours of the night just to study technique), so I took this photo when I was practicing with our Nikon before we upgraded to a new Canon. We’re setting up “field practice” days for him to teach me even more, and I can’t wait.

Speaking of photography, I use Rise way more often than any other filter on Instagram. I don’t know why, it just happens.

And lastly, I’m smitten with The Adventure Project. They work to change the world by equipping entrepreneurs in third world countries to learn new skills and provide new services to their community. The founder of the organization spoke at my church, and when I visited their amazing office space at BeeSpace NYC I was pretty much head over heels for their mission. What does that mean? I don’t know. But I’m excited to see them grow and impact so many communities world wide.

The Adventure Project – Live for Adventure from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.

And now for the looking ahead part… 


I’m setting a few simple goals for April to help me continue to follow Jesus where He’s leading this year. So far my goals for the month are:

Keep getting up earlier. Having two hours to myself before I start my day has been a good change for me, and I like the idea of keeping it up so I can ease into my day more peacefully.

Manage my time more intentionally. I want to try to be better about taking a hold of my day before it takes a hold of me. Right now I’m working on a few new organizational things that are helping me be more intentional with time while balancing everything that Heshan and I have going on, and I hope to share more of this soon.

Make sure I get 30 minutes of Bible study a day in before bed. I need it, and I’m better for it. Plus I just got this ginormous Bible with a Barnes & Noble gift card, and it’s changing the way I study Scripture. Amazing.

Keep working on a dream the Lord’s planted in my heart. Ok, that’s all I can say for now, but March proved to be braver than I expected and I’m looking at April to keep up the courage. There are things in the works. There is excitement. There will be other amazing people involved, and it’s all super exciting and new. So… how’s that for suspense? Details coming as we live it out together right here.

That’s it! Simple, right? What about you? What did you learn and love? 

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What I Learned in My First (“Real”) Year of Blogging

What I Learned in My First "Real" Year of Blogging

A little over eighteen months ago, Steph called me and tossed out the idea of turning my personal blog into a joint effort. And then six months after that, after planning and chatting and dreaming together, we launched what was at first gospel girls and is now PLC.

Since we just celebrated our one year anniversary last month, I wanted to take a look back together at where we’ve been and also a look ahead at where we’re going and say thank you for being here.

While I always get a little shaky about looking at or sharing numbers, I hope you don’t mind if I start by giving a few to you as a way of saying, “woah – you guys are awesome,” because it’s kind of incredible. In gospel girls / Pray, Live, Create’s first year we welcomed over 25,000 visitors. Over 3,400 visits were in January alone. That’s 25,000 pairs of feet that wiped their boots on the welcome mat and stepped right in, and we call that grace.

It’s way beyond my wildest dreams and imagination, and I can’t say enough how much I adore the community that’s being formed here.

Still, I had my own set of “teachable moments” and hangups, and I hope you don’t mind me sharing those with you, too.

I learned from a professional blogger that something like 1-5% of visitors ever comment on your blog. That number’s pretty true for us, but I still spent a lot of the first year getting hung up on the comments in all the wrong ways.

The average number of blogs I read per day is something like 5. The average number of comments I leave a day is 0, usually because I’m reading from my phone, behind a firewall, or just letting it all soak in. I’m getting better at that, because I genuinely like to say thanks to the author for sharing stuff with the world, and I love meeting other people who write or create or share pieces of themselves and forming new friendships.

But what I’ve learned is this. While comments are a great way to build community, they’re not a good indicator of how a post might have affected someone and they are not the reason to write. We write to inspire each other and share the hope we have in Christ and speak a little love.

So all that to say, when you comment … Yay! Let’s be friends in this thing called life. When you don’t, we’re still super grateful for you and you make us happy that you spend a bit if your day in this here gathering place. And if you ever want to say hi, we’re pretty sure we’d like you.

Also, I miss the shorter form of posts that I started with a long time ago. Before this blog was gospel girls or PLC, I used this space to share some of my personal journey and the hope God was planting in my heart. And that’s where we came up with Doses of Hope.

Since then, Doses of Hope have become beautiful pieces of art that Steph crafts for us with love every single week, and they decorate my walls and make my life beautiful.

But the other faith posts have gotten a lot longer, and while I love some of them (like When You Feel Like Freaking Out, because the Lord knows I need it) and often learn as much from them later as I did the first time since writing is totally the way God helps me process things, I don’t want to go so long all the time.

I’m probably going to start sharing stuff with you as He’s fleshing it out instead of waiting to get the final thought in. I think it’ll be easier for all of us and really fun. Kind of like Monday’s post on finding joy even in the struggle.

And if it doesn’t speak for itself, doing this thing together is way more fun than doing it by myself. Since Steph and I teamed up to share our joys and passions and pursuits and wonderings in this little space, and ask how we can bless you with it all, it’s become something more beautiful than I ever imagined. And the dreams we’re excitedly entertaining in our hearts are even better. So never let it be said blogging together ain’t fun.

And lastly, I know for sure that none of this means anything without you. Thank you for being here, encouraging us, challenging us, growing with us, and adding to the conversation. Even when you’re silent. We love being creative and passionate in this space with you, and we’re thankful for you guys like woah.





p.s. Let’s all forgive my creepy half-smile, too. Apparently this is what I look like when I write!

What I Learned and Loved in January

orange bowl in Jan

A top bun is the absolute best way to have amazing hair even after rocking a fur hat. When the temps hit negative degrees, I found out that if I put my hair in a top bun, pulled my hat over that, then let it down when I got to my destination, I’d have super waves and not an ounce of hat hair.

Did you know there’s a citrus fruit called a honeybell that is made by crossing an orange and a grapefruit? Apparently they’re only in season for 10 weeks a year, and my mother-in-law sent the hubster and I two huge boxes from Cushman’s by Harry & David.

Sometimes it’s super hard to hand something over to others, even if I know they’re going to do a better job than I did. I learned that when I stepped away from the (in)courage community group that I’d been co-serving (as I like to call it) for several months. The new leaders are going to rock it like no other, and a piece of me wished I could give it another go.

BUT… Right now, the more I take off my plate the more I can really love and invest in those things that are on my plate.

The Gospel of John is legit. I watched this three hour movie when I was home with a cold mid-month. It’s a full-on movie using only the words in the Gospel of John. And it’s so well done that I didn’t even mind watching a dude play Jesus for the most part (sometimes that’s weird for me) and also I thought it brought what actually happened to life better than any other made for TV series or move I’ve seen.

So she’s a big deal, but I just read Liz Curtis Higgs‘ bio this month and it totally floored me. It’s like reading my own story. Minus the Howard Stern and drug usage part. But still, I could relate to every single thing in there… What a powerful example of how truth telling with our stories breathes the hope of Christ into others.

Lastly, I am slow. I take weeks to respond to emails, days to respond to texts, and months to respond to phone calls. My former self would think I’m crazy, but my new self loves taking things one at a time and moving at a more peaceful pace. And, like The Nester says, I like margin.

Good readin’ …

Greg Laurie’s Empty Net Syndrome

This month’s top posts 

January top posts

What About Your FriendsFree Printable: Psalm 18:1 |Dose of Hope: John 6:27 | Following Our Compass

And lastly, y’all heard the big news, right? Starting very soon gospel girls will be Pray, Live, Create. The same blog with the same focus and a whole lot of praise for what He’s doing in our lives.

This wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t ask, what did you learn and love? Lay it on us!