The List: August 2014

a collection of blog posts about saying yes (or no!) for less stress and more joy. Love these! Definitely worth a read!

1. | “Worry is a horrible tenant. It lives rent-free in your soul, and furthermore, it demands to be paid — with the deposit of your precious thought life.” – A Prescription for Worry by Jennifer Dukes Lee.

2. |”When we really and truly trust God with the little details of life—even the important ones, like money and housing—we are free to do both the wild and the small, however He leads. If we’re daring enough to let go of our stuff, then we can pack light…knowing there’s a net below us, held by Christ himself, who said He’d never leave us.” –  The Wild and the Small by Tsh Oxenreider via (in)courage.

3. | “In her book, Lysa says, “The decisions you make determine the schedule you keep.  The schedule you keep determines the life you live.  And how you live your life determines how you spend your soul.” – Saying Yes to What Is Best Allume

4. | “… It’s fun to say yes. That word makes people happy. Yes I will do that. Yes I will be there. Yes I will work on it. But sometimes, we don’t understand that when we say yes, we are saying no to the things that really matter.” – 5 Ways to Say No by Jon Acuff

5.| “..The movers and shakers would have us thinking that a platform is what elevates your visibility above the crowd so your message finds its audience. But there’s a deeper current of Truth running through the cosmos: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” – 3 Truths About Platform and What Your Soul Was Never Made For by Ann Voskamp

6. | “It’s becoming clearer every day that the price I pay for trying to attend to even just all the good things is my joy and creativity. Everything cannot be done. Or addressed. Or even acknowledged. This is a new thing from me as a person. It’s crept up slowly but now it slapped me in the face.” –  The World Needs Makers to Say No Boldy by The Nester

7.| “You, the one without time or talent, you are the one. Write, paint, dance as a public service to our human family. Be a servant with your art. Don’t use it to say “Here I am!” Use it to say “Here we are. We are okay, you know.” Forget talent and just use your hands.” – You Don’t Need More Talent or Time by Glennon Doyle Melton

8. | “Sometimes, you need to ask yourself really tough questions and then be ready to accept the answers. As I sat still, I asked myself, “what is causing my noise?” Then, in the deep, deep well of my spirit came the answer. My noise was three things – the desire to please, the desire to succeed, and the desire to have things as perfect as possible.” – Freedom Because of Christ by Leann Burda

image in header from Lysa TerKeurst’s new book The Best Yes

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