What Would You Do: Red vs. Blue Front Door?

Gorgeous red front doors and beautiful blue front doors. I love these!

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!

I’m in need of a serious tie-breaker (with myself) for a new front door color and I’m hoping you guys can help. My husband and I bought our house two years ago outside of Washington DC and have been slowly updating it in small phases.

Phase 1 of our exterior updating was landscaping. The yard was very well maintained, but the bushes were too big for the front yard and blocked the wrap around porch. Plus, they were like the local hangout for every spider in Northern Virginia ever. Not even kidding. Ask Kim. Only bonus? Free Halloween decorating.

updating our curb appeal {praylivecreate.com}

After a year of living in the house we ripped almost everything out and started fresh.  We’ve made even more changes this year that I hope to share soon, but here’s a look at our phase 1 in the meantime. We chose plants that will stay under 3′ to allow the front porch to shine.

re-landscaping for curb appeal {praylivecreate.com}

This summer we plan to re-do the siding and shutters. The whole thing has been a major unexpected blessing that just goes to show God really does love lavishing us with unexpected and undeserved gifts. Our siding was 30 year old aluminum and I’ve disliked the harvest gold and brown-green color scheme since day two (day one I was too excited to care). I thought for sure we’d be living with it for many years to come, though, so instead we just thanked God every day for a roof over our heads and a floor under our feet. Then a hail storm came and our insurance company told us we were due for some new siding. I seriously got down on my knees and thanked God for the “best birthday present ever!” True story.

I’m leaning toward an ivory color for the siding called Antique Parchment, classic black shutters, and white trim. The porch will be painted white and the light blue-gray floor will stay. But the door is tricky. I need your help.

I’ve been in love with red doors for years. Like bright-look-at-me-red.

 pin from original source BHGBHG

red front door via House BeautifulHouse Beautiful

pin from original source apartment therapyApartment Therapy

 But I’ve recently fallen for blue doors, too.

pin from original source HGTVHGTV

pin from original source BHGBHG

pin from original source hiyapapaya.comhiya papaya

What would you do? Red or blue?


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  1. What a gorgeous house! I love red doors as well, but lately have been more into blues! I think either color would look really good with the colors you’re choosing for the siding and porch!


  2. Wow, That is so awesome about the siding!! I’m totally bias because red is not one of my favorite colors and I love blues! So my vote shouldn’t count;). I’m planning on changing our black door to a dark navy blue. Although I think reds can look really good. I actully in the end really loved how my son’s room turned out using red pieces, which surprised me. I went with a bright orange red, more like the 3rd pic you have there. You mentioned you have a blue gray floor. I think that will help a ton with what color to go with. My siding is a blue gray, I want mine to read more gray then blue so I picked colors to make it read more gray (right now we have black shutters/door and white trim). I plan on painting the door blue but will pick it out based on how it makes my siding read. Which I’m hoping I can find one that doesn’t pull out the blue. I would hold up paint samples to the floor to see if you are happy with how it reads, whether it’s blue or gray you are wanting it to look like. And I loovvee the 3rd blue pic! That teal looks so inviting and fresh. I seriously swing towards doing teal myself all the time. I just might once we get up light wood shutters! Can’t wait to see what you pick!! I think honestly you can’t go wrong either way:).


    1. I looove that teal! This is my first time being able to pick out a door color, so part of me wants one of each haha. Thanks for the advice, super helpful!


  3. The colors that you have decided on sound amazing! I can’t wait to see it finished. And I LOVE the redesign for the landscape. I can’t believe that that gorgeous porch was covered up by all those bushes and shrubs. Talking about the door: I’ve always loved seeing bright and bold doors on houses. With the colors you described, I think that a blue door would fit nicely. Plus, blue is fun and welcoming. Red is always a fun and bold choice, but with the ivory I think I would go blue.
    So, that’s my vote! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Jess! Blue is my favorite color so it’s a serious contender (agh decisions, decisions). Thanks so much for your suggestions!!


  4. Why don’t you do both? Not at the same time though. Haha! Try one and live with it for a bit then switch. I mean a door couldn’t take more than a gallon of paint.


    1. Yes!!! Love that idea, I totally want to! And purple and pink and bright yellow! Our HOA is super strict about changing door colors so I’m thinking red and blue are safe bets to start with haha.


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