Affordable Art: Flamingos


5 gorgeous flamingo art prints for $30 or less!

Flamingos have been trending in the art and design world for a little while now. I’m smitten with these beautiful prints by independent artists, all at great affordable prices ($30 and under!).

1. Stand Tall Darling Flaming Print | LilyandVal via Etsy ($19) / 2. Pink Flamingo Art Print of Original Gouache Watercolor Painting | FrancisMarin via Etsy ($10) / 3. Flamingo No. 2 | The Animal Print Shop ($25) / 4. Flamingo Mingle | Cozamia ($31) / 5. Kissing Flamingo Heart | Avent Creative Studios via ($30)  p.s. As always, none of these are affiliate links.

Or get the look for even less – this batch below is all free printable flamingo art. You can’t beat that!

5 different FREE flamingo art printables

1. It’s By Your Side I Make My Home Flamingo Printable | bre purposed / 2. Vintage printable  / 3. Vintage alphabet clip art  / 4.  Flamingo Printable | Sarah M. Dorsey  / 5. Pretty in Pink Flamingos | Oh So Lovely  p.s. As always, none of these are affiliate links.

And because we’re talking about flamingos – have you seen this video of flamingo chicks at the National Zoo? I still haven’t made it over there yet but this puts it higher on the to-do list.

I have more affordable art posts coming up throughout the next month or so (Tuesdays or Wednesdays), let me know what you think! Happy decorating!

For more affordable art posts click here. Linking up with Jack of All Trades at A Harvest of Blessing.

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  1. There is no shortage of Flamingo art around here! In fact, I’d be surprised if I made it a mile without seeing at least a lawn ornament. What can I say… Floridians really love those pink birds! And actually, I’ve been meaning to take my camera out to the bird sanctuary, this post reminded me!


    1. I lived in Davie for a little while and Flamingo Gardens is still one of my all time favorite places! Thanks for dropping in.


    1. Yes!! I kept coming across great prints that were too good not to share – now which one do I use in my home?!?
      Thanks, Carly!


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