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Do you know that feeling when you come back from vacation and suddenly it’s been a whole week and you still don’t know where the time went? This week flew by almost before I even knew it began. Here’s a quick round up of interesting reads and cute things to look at while unwinding this weekend.


DIY felt peonies via Something Turquoise

I browse a lot of wedding blogs for my job, and Something Turquoise is one of my faves for easy and adorable DIY projects. Even though my personal wedding planning days are behind me, their series on adorable felt flowers (like these peonies) was so good I can’t help but share it. I love this idea for home, birthday parties, or just gifting to loved ones.

Impact Simplicity and Savings

Impact: Simplicity and Savings

This week the summer 2014 issue of Impact came out, and I’m excited about it on so many levels. The e-zine is published by two amazing women, Amy and Lisa, with a focus on simple ways we can positively impact others, and each issue features a round up of real women sharing real talk on how we can impact others in our day to day lives. And even though I have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to this summer’s topic on simplicity and savings, I’m thrilled to be sitting alongside a great group of women in this issue while we talk about little things we can do to simplify in our own lives so we can give to others. Their first issue on Impact with Crafts is amazing, and I highly recommend checking it out for loads of inspiration.


via Oh My Deer on Etsy

I stumbled across Oh My Deer’s shop on Etsy, and I’m in love with everything about this paper goods and home lettering shop. Her “be a good friend” print is great, and obviously I wish I had ten more blank walls in our apartment for her super simple fruit of the Spirit print.

On a random note, I had no idea the dude who played Buster in Arrested Development was a Christian, but I just read this interview he gave last year after the Emmy’s with Christianity Today, and it’s a good one.

What are you looking at, reading, and loving right now? Let us know.


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