Dose of Hope: “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet…” Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp unto my feet - Psalm 119:105 {}


As I’m writing this, we’re wrapping up an amazing three days in the Hudson River Valley with Steph and David for our 4th of July vacation. We had a blast, and I’m sure photos will make their way to the blog soon. The above photo is from Stony Point Park, a wooded area looking out to the mountains across the Hudson River. I snapped it as Heshan was taking sunset photos over the river, and it reminded me of Psalm 119:105:

Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path…

I’d love to say something about how if we’re honest, we’re all stumbling a bit through this life, but God’s Word shines a light in the darkness and continues to lead us. But there’s a lot more we could say about this, right? So basically this is a verse  I find myself silently or not-so-silently praying when I don’t have my own words, so I need to call on the Words He’s already given me.

Also, I’m semi-obsessed with Studio ever since Steph turned me on to it, and this photo was made with that app. I hope you’re all having a beautiful holiday weekend and resting in the One who lights up the darkness and leads us through this crazy thing we call life.



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