What I Learned and Loved in June (and July’s Goals)

June was one of the best months I’ve had in years. I don’t know how else to say it other than that it was just so covered in grace, even during the rough parts. I shared a little bit more in depth with last week’s update and post on Ruth, and there’s still more to share about what I’m actually doing with my time when the time is right. But all that to say, in the last month I was aware of God’s presence and love in my life in a way I haven’t been in a long time. And it feels awesome.

So as always let’s look back at a few things I learned and loved in June and look forward to what I’m hoping to see unfold this month, if the Lord’s willing. And if not, we’ll wrap it up again next month, right?

What I Learned and Loved in June: Treat Cards {praylivecreate.com}

Treat yo’ self: I could make all sorts of excuses about why I’m sometimes bad at sending cards in the mail (sometimes I’m really good at it), like how I stand up on at least part of my commute and walk down 8 flights of stairs at the end of the day because waiting for the elevator in my office building is like waiting for the rapture – that is to say with great expectation and longing but with no confirmation of the day or hour – but the fact is it’s just hard to get to the store sometimes and even harder to find the right card. So I’m resolving to send any cards I have to send this month through Treat, which lets you order online and still mail to their address. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m convinced I’ll love it more than trying to find the last un-bent card at Rite Aid with the right sized envelope.

What I Leaned and Loved in June: Pocket {praylivecreate.com}

Pocket. My boss turned me on to this app / website that makes it incredibly easy to save anything online for later. You guys, I love it. I’ve been putting everything into my “pocket” for later, and I love that I can tag the items so I know why I wanted to read it. It’s great for saving blog posts I need to read later. (Notice, I did use the word “need“…) And also for important things. How is it different than Pinterest? It’s not so much about saving pretty things to look at as it is a great way to save reading for a time when you can come back to it.

On the list of random things I learned (and this one was technically July 1st) is that raccoon’s only have a lifespan of two to three years in the wild. Who knew?

Here’s how things shook out with June’s goals… 

I set one major goal for June, and that was Just Say No June. Overall, I think we did pretty well with asking ourselves, do we need to say yes or is this something we should say no to? And we found ourselves with more time and more peace, even if June wasn’t perfect. (It never really is, right?)

But the best thing I picked up in June was joining along with She Reads Truth’s study of Ruth. I literally cannot get enough of it. After months of wanting more Bible study in my day, I’m loving being able to pull up the daily study on my phone every morning on my way to work, and I love that it’s a community of women doing it together. We just started a new series on the Sermon on the Mount this week, and I’m already a day behind but I can’t wait to catch up.

July’s Goals

Other than sticking with the good things that we already have going (like going to bed earlier, enjoying my daily Bible study routine, walking with Jesus and not outpacing Him), here are a few “light” goals if you will for this month.

Relabel and reorganize my Pinterest boards. I want to put all the DIY cleaning products onto a board called “Clean,” and I want to reorganize them in general.

Pick a few pins and try them out. I also want to go through my boards and remind myself why I pinned certain things. Sometimes it’s for me, sometimes it’s for other people, sometimes it’s just because I like to curate a cool board on a certain topic. But I want to pick out a few things that I already pinned and try them out.

Get back into menu planning. When I was menu planning it changed our lives, but I got way off track when I was working two jobs and going through the general commotion of life change. I want to pick that habit back up again and see if it is as great this time around.

So that’s it over here. What about you guys? What are you learning and loving, and what are you looking forward to in July?




  1. Oh my goodness, this “treat” revelation is going to change my WHOLE LIFE. You have no idea the levels of guilt I carry around for never, ever, ever remembering to send cards! 🙂


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