PLC’s mini makeover

Hope you guys are having a great start to the week!

We’ve spent the past 3 weeks designing a mini makeover for PLC and you probably noticed it’s finally gone live this morning.  I wanted to drop a quick note about what that means for you. Because we did it all with you in mind.

Our main goal was to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  So we have two main changes:

1. Easier side bar navigation

newtheme_sidebar {}

We simplified our side bar and narrowed down our buttons to our three main categories: Pray (faith), Live (music, style, books, etc), and Create (free printables and decorating posts). We hope this makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

We also have featured content buttons now for some of our most popular and/or favorite categories. Right now that means Free Printables and #Follow, Kim’s current faith series. We have plans to add a couple more featured categories in the near future.

2.  Archived content that you can actually read!

newtheme_categories {}

Y’all this has been a BIG item on the to do list for the longest time. Remember how you used to click on category, let’s say food for example, and it would come up with a big list of post titles with no pictures or explanations to help you find what you were looking for? No? Well maybe that’s because it was so UN-user-friendly that you never even bothered.

It took us a while to get there, but I’m so happy that we’ve updated our site so that now when you click on a subcategory (food, music, printables, etc) you’ll see full posts with pictures and text to hopefully help you find what you’re looking for.


There are a couple other smaller changes scattered throughout the site, but those were the big items we were hoping to tackle. We hope it makes this blog much more user friendly for all of you! Because that’s what it’s all about!

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to leave any other ideas in the comments!

Stephanie from



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