Bridges (When Your Fears Become Smaller Than Your Faith)

Bridges and Other Ways We Face our Fears: Between where we are and where we're going are steps of faith to face our fears {}

I used to be scared of bridges.

I won’t tell you why I was scared of them, except that I once saw a bridge collapse on TV and it was all over from there.

But since I live in a city on an island, I have to go over bridges all the time. We’re talking every single day. And so for a long time I held my breath, prayed my way over, and thanked the Lord when I got to the other side.

Then one day as I was praying my way over an especially large bridge, I realized I was praying to a God who walked on water. He was an expert at holding things up.

And at some point after that I realized that almost always if we want to get from where we are to where we’re going, we’re going to have to cross a bridge. 

Not just the kind that goes over water. I’m talking about facing our fears – whatever they may be, letting God carry us through them safely, and thanking God when we get to the other side.

Last week I was at an event with an amazing entrepreneur who launched a not-for-profit organization that gives men and women a second chance in life. Twenty-two of us were there to learn how to develop our dreams. And one of the questions she asked us is, “What are you afraid to give up?”

What are your fears?

Right now I’m four days away from jumping ship, leaving my job, and starting on a new entrepreneurial thing. And in this phase God’s reminding me to be brave. Because earlier this year I committed to following Jesus, and sometimes that means giving something up to grab a hold of something even better.

I’m excited. I’m tired. I desperately want a week-long nap and a ladies weekend with Steph before I officially take on this new thing. And I have a to-do list a mile-long and no idea how it’s going to get done. But I’m grabbing Jesus’ hand and we’re going to walk over a few bridges. And I’m praying that I remember to pray my way through every single step we take and say thank You the entire time.

Because there’s this, and because I’ve never been more certain that our God is an expert at getting us to the other side.

Small Yeses to the Next Thing translate to Huge Yeses and New Things in the Kingdom of God. – Ann Voskamp, foreword, Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch

While I’m walking through this, I want to know your story. Where is Jesus taking you over a few metaphorical bridges in your life? Where has He done it before? When it comes to following your dreams, what are you afraid to give up to get to the other side?

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  1. Kim, at my age I have crossed many bridges. As a retired entrepreneur myself I have been where you currently are. All didn’t end smoothly but ended where they were meant to. The good ones turned out more than great. I felt like The Lord was in all of them and He was. It just wasn’t in the way I expected each time. It’s interesting, I wrote a post a few a few weeks ago and in the Bible there is not a mention of a bridge. What I did find is that God brought His people to the other side on dry ground. Just my experience. My you be blessed in your new venture!!


    1. Love hearing your story, Levi, and I’ll have to go track down your post. One of the best pieces of this experience has been remembering that it doesn’t really matter if things work out how I plan or not – at the end of the day, to live is Christ and to die is gain. It’s exciting to have that perspective change. Thanks for your thoughts here!


  2. Kim, you’re talking to me right now. I have fears I need to let go so I can continue following God’s plans because His plans are bigger than our own. Thank you for reminding me to pray at every step. Every. Step. I remember that praise song that goes, “Step by step, we’re moving forward. Little by little, taking ground. Every prayer a powerful weapon. Strongholds come tumbling down.”


    1. I need to look up that song! Love those lyrics! Thank you for sharing, and praying that you can keep following Him through your fears (my favorite prayer for all of us now!).


  3. I really like this post, thank you for being brave and sharing! Best Wishes on starting a fresh chapter, I’m also about to leave my current job to start a new adventure. The favor of God goes before us, we find favor wherever we go because we are His daughters


  4. I’m glad you figured out how to get over those bridges. It would be sad if your fear stopped you. I know it stops others. I used to be afraid of needles. Then I had my obsessive tattooing phase and thought it would be ridiculous to say I was afraid of needles. Poof! The fear was gone.


  5. I enjoyed reading your post, I used to think that the bride was falling into the water behind me as I was driving over it and I needed to drive faster to I would make it over, do not ask me where I got that image from I have just always had it. My biggest fear though is frogs, I have a panic attack when I am near them. I have quite a few fears ad am known as the family chicken but frogs are one of the biggest fears. I stopped by from Jack of all Trades. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Now that’s an image I wouldn’t want to have in my head! I wonder if there’s a name for fear of frogs… Isn’t it crazy the fears we get stuck in our heads? Thanks for stopping by!


  6. I think there are a lot of bridges that God is about to take me over. There have been a lot in the past, some I was stuck on for awhile and even some I never thought I would get over. But, He is faithful and does walk on the water and he did lead me over those bridges, so I know he will lead me over these coming up…whatever they may be. It’s scary and exhilarating all at the same time!


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