The List: May 2014

Let’s wrap up this week with another list of stuff worth clicking on, being inspired by, thinking about, and sharing. Here’s hoping this weekend brings you rest to feel God’s presence, belief that you are cherished, and creative energy to be yourself. (And hopefully lots of warm weather!)


via Chicks in Hats

1. | Chicks in Hats. Too much. Seriously. If these came in 5×7 I’d hang this in my house.

2. | Katie’s Office Essentials. Not just because she’s hanging one of Steph’s printables (which makes my heart so happy and which I hang in my office, too) but because I vote for any space that includes lots of books, lots of photos, and a chalkboard wall.

3. | Jenna’s Currently link up at A Mama’s Collective. I’m not a mama, but this blog is fantastic. And if you are a mama, it’s for you!



via Purlbee

4. | I’ve seen these on a couple blogs, but I’m going to put them here anyway. Purlbee’s instructions for how to make pillowcases for every bed are so good, I might just give it a shot. Plus I love the color and pattern selection and how pretty these final products are.

Style for Justice Noonday and IJM

5. | Noonday and International Justice Mission are teaming up for Style for Justice and sending nine bloggers on a trip to Rwanda. That means Jen HatmakerJennie Allen, Kelle Hampton, Raechel Myers of She Reads Truth, Emily Lex of Jones Design Company, Jessica Honnegar from Noonday, Paige Knudsen, Wynne Elder, and one of 261 other candidates are going to meet the women who make Noonday’s amazing jewelry (we’ve talked about this before) and tell their stories with the aim of sharing how “when we use our purchasing power for good and pursue the cause of justice, hope for the poor is possible.” You guys know I get smitten all over with this stuff, so my first reaction was all “I’m throwing my hat in the ring!” But in reality, I’m throwing my vote behind one of the other 261 women who are competing for that ninth spot even though I have no idea which one it’ll be yet.  


via BHG

6. | When I told Caitlin at The Siren’s Tale that I wanted to grow a garden in my kitchen windowsill, she sent me these three links. So it looks like it’s on! Any ideas where I should start? Throw them in the comments. I might use my week off in between blogs to read through this stuff and put a plan of action into place.


via SAS Interiors

7. | Lastly, this living room shares a few similarities to our still in the works living room (like paint color, wood floors, pendant lamp, coffee table, big windows, etc.) so I’m mining this post for further inspiration.

What about you guys? What are you reading / listening to / clicking on this week? 

Kim from




  1. Thanks for the shout out, sweetie! Love these link collections — heading over to check them all out now 🙂 I’m always amazed… despite reading so many blogs and covering so many ‘styles’ (photography, lifestyle, cooking, farming, etc.), there are STILL so many amazing blogs and bloggers out there I’ve never come across! These link collections are perfect for discovering new blogs 🙂


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