The List: May 2014

This week has been full to say the least. I’m transitioning out of one job and into another job, and the whole thing has been a big practice in letting go and taking a big leap of faith and remembering (usually on a second by second basis) who holds me in His hand. Because it’s exciting and fun and totally impossible all at the same time.

Even with all this activity going on – wrapping things up, meeting with my new boss on top of my current job, and taking over a small group with our church – things have been really good and peaceful. God’s teaching Heshan and me how to rest in it all and trust He’s got it all laid out. We’re still hitting snooze and cuddling in. I’m using my slow mornings to jot in my gratitude journal. And we’re investing in each other like never before and taking this time to shake up our routine and fall in love all over again.

Last weekend when I got home from a Beth Moore conference that I attended with my friend Karyn, I walked in to find a huge bouquet of lilies and roses waiting for me. I must have asked Heshan ten times if they were really for me, and it was one of the best surprises I’ve ever received. This week he’s already taken me on two date nights, and I’m not going to lie – I’ll take it. Especially when one of them was to a Japanese fusion restaurant with me-friendly sushi!

The one thing I’ve missed during all this has been checking in here with you guys, checking in with my friends’ blogs (new ones and old ones) and linking up with my favorite blogging communities. I’m dying to get back in the swing of things here as I finally transition out of my job later this month and take a little time for myself, but until then I’m taking it one step at a time and really enjoying this new path God is laying out before us and how peaceful our routine is even with all the changes.

As I’m typing this, Heshan is at Target picking up new kitchen rugs for us. I can’t wait to show them to you guys, but until then I’m rounding up a few of a quick list of what we’re loving right now. Tell us what you’re loving in the comments so we can check that out, too.

1. | My friend Krystle’s quest to have a gold flamingo. Seriously, I love this so much it’s not even funny and she keeps me on my design toes every single day.

2. | Kristen’s post on why she shares about her broken marriage in her new book. Truth.

I can promise you–whatever brokenness that your story contains –don’t let it define you. Don’t let it imprison you. And please, don’t let it make you feel alone. Something miraculous happens when we release the brokenness: it sets us free. – Kristen Welch of We are THAT Family


free kitchen art printable from I Heart Naptime 

3. | This free kitchen art printable from I Heart Naptime. I’m craving new art for my kitchen, and this one is so fun.

tocotocomagfreebie2as found on Creature Comforts

4. |  Also these free charming animal notesheets are too cute to pass up. I can’t find the original when I click through from Creature Comforts, but since it was originally distributed as a free printable from a Japanese website I saved the image from Creature Comforts and am printing for cute reminders.

5. | Shaun Groves post on A Tale of Two Zip Codes and the relationship between how much we have and how much we give is worth a read. He compares one of the wealthiest cities in America to one of the poorest and shares how much each community gives to those in need. It’s not meant to be condemning, but it’s definitely convicting and something worth giving thought to.

6. | Kelly’s post on being a duck. Seriously. Love this. Also, she’s hilarious.

7. | I’m also loving everything about A Harvest of Blessing and everything Caitlin’s writing about at The Siren’s Tale.

FREE PRINTABLE: Psalm 126:3 (8x10)


get ’em in 8×10 here

8. | And lastly, I’m going to take some time this month to print out Steph’s free Psalm 126:3 printables and use them to flank the mirror above our mantle and officially usher spring into our living room. Find the full post and both options here.

That’s it from me. What about you? Tell us your faves from this week. And happy spring-is-finally-here!

Kim from




  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, that’s so sweet of you! I’ve been missing blogging the past week as well. It’s “peak time” at my job, which means 12 hour work days, going to sleep when I get home, and no reading/writing blogs. Today’s the last day of it, and I can’t wait to dive into publishing a new post tonight 🙂

    Here’s hoping your transition is smooth and this new job holds everything you deserve!


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