The List: April 2014

a list of some of my favorite blog posts - check these out!

We read a lot. These are a few of our favorite recent blog posts from around the internet.

1. | Kristen from We Are THAT Family asked me to be on her launch team for her upcoming book Rhinestone Jesus. I should get a copy in the mail this week.

2. | I seriously love everything about Hayley from The Tiny Twig and what she’s writing.

3. | Check out Naptime Diaries new facelift. Seriously inspired by this.

4. | This great blog post on Work, Art, & Purpose by Evie S.

5. | This post on The Inspired Room on being passionate about making others feel at home and using a passion for design to help serve others.

6.| Your attitude towards your home and the real decorating makeover from Fieldstone Hill Design.

7. | This post. Because I HATE when women compare themselves to each other and feel insecure or inadequate, and I hate what the internet makes us believe about “success” (just wrote a post on that called The Kingdom of God and Crowds) because we measure all of our worth in likes and Pins and retweets when those things never existed in Jesus’ day and have nothing to do with being able to tell if we’re following His will or not.  The Bible is so clear that God’s not interested in us comparing ourselves or measuring ourselves but in just being ourselves openly to contribute to society however we can.  Totally good for anyone not just moms!

8. | Stewardship of Place by Dena Dyer.

9. | Are you teachable? Via Tara from Texas.

Kim + Stephanie from



  1. Soooooo true….about comparing. Joel says to compare is to despair……he needs to gently remind me of that periodically:). Looks like some good blogs you have listed….have a wonderful Easter Kim….


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