Yes in My Mess

A couple weeks ago, Kristen Welch of We Are THAT Family asked if I wanted a copy of her new book Rhinestone Jesus. And since Kristen is amazing, my answer was YES! (And also maybe a bit of jumping up and down in excitement, because seriously … Total awesome way to start the day?) Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch - Kristen tells the story of how she was prompted to say yes to God even in the midst of her everyday messy life. I can't WAIT to read this book! Yes is what the book is all about. Kristen said yes to God when He prompted her and her husband to start Mercy House, a maternity home in Kenya. And Rhinestone Jesus is about saying yes to God when sparkly, safe faith is no longer enough. I cannot WAIT to read this book and get the inside scoop on how Kristen said yes and what that looked like for her family and how we can say yes in the middle of our mess. Which might be my fave part of the book so far – it’s not about having it all together. I’ll share more as I read, but if you’re interested, Rhinestone Jesus comes out May 1st from Tyndale and you can find out about it here and pre-order before May 1 to receive some free gifts! Kim from


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