Affordable Art: Bring the Bling!

blingy (mostly free and super affordable) art to add some sparkle to your home {}


1. Lindsay Letters White as Snow ($0) | 2. Jones Design Co. Serve One Another in Love ($0) | 3.  Sarah M. Dorsey DIY Gold Letter tutorial | 4. Natural Curiosities Helford Horse 2 ($$) | 5.  Stephanie Creekmur Hey Y’all Gold Foil ($20)

The all-things-gold movement has been pretty enduring and that’s a-okay with us because we’re loving the bling. We wanted to share five fun prints for bringing some bling into your home through free or affordable art or some quick DIYs.

Can I just go on record that my jaw dropped when I spotted this Lindsay Letters print for free? Love her. I’m pretty sure I emailed Kim with approximately 10 exclamation marks.  And someone needs to DIY that horse print stat. Poster board, sharpie, and gold leaf? I may give it a try but don’t hold me to it. And Kim’s eyeing the Jones Design Co. free printable for the turquoise table in her entryway.

Kim + Stephanie from



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