Easy $6 Bouquet

A super easy $6 bouquet from Trader Joes

After planning my own wedding two years ago, I developed a serious thing for dreaming up new ways to pull gorgeous formal events together with little hassle and less cash. I’ve always enjoyed event planning, but I have serious convictions that when it comes to pulling large scale celebrations off there has to be an easier way.

You guys? It’s about time I shared this deep and slightly obsessive part of my psyche with you. Let’s talk about doing things easier and let’s talk about ways to celebrate each other without the stress. If you’ve spent any major amount of time with me, you know I LOVE to scope out deals and steals for events nearly everywhere I go. So two weeks ago when my husband and I stopped by Trader Joe’s after church and saw these flowers in the window, I knew we needed to bring them home.

Two bunches added up to less than $6.00, so naturally I grabbed them and made a quick DIY bouquet. How great are these for a spring event or just as a splash of color around the home?

What’s one of your favorite ways to celebrate on a budget? 




    1. Isn’t it? I found $2.00 bouquets of daffodils there earlier this month, too! We did half of our wedding flowers from a grocery store, and it saved us so much money. Can’t wait to finally get my way over to your corner of the web and see your closet!


  1. Hahaha…I love it when you share the deep and slightly obsessive parts of your psyche!! 🙂 And if I ever do get married, you can bet you’ll be top of my list to help me pull it off. Love flowers and wish I splurged more often on them. I should check out Trader Joe now and see if I’ll be more inclined to splurge with a smaller price tag.


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