Bathing Beauties 2

Hey all! I’m back with more of my favorite swimsuits for under $100. If you missed the first post check it out here. As I mentioned in that post, I find shopping for swimsuits to be perpetually challenging. But I’ve found some pretty great looking suits this year. Let’s have a look!

swimsuits under $100 {}

1. Retro One-Piece Swimsuit | Garnet Hill ($98)
When I see this swimsuit I want to be her. The sailboat pattern is spot on and timeless, and it also comes in black and white polka dots and strawberry stripes.

2. Tie Front Swimsuit | Boden USA ($88)
Le sigh, Boden you are continually winning the swimsuit game with chic, graphic prints and great cuts. I love this one-piece.

swimsuits under $100 {}

3. La Blanca ‘Sand Dollar Dot’ Lace-Up One-Piece Swimsuit | Nordstrom ($99)
I’ve never really considered myself the lace-up type, but something about this suit has me sold. Adjustable straps and bold, graphic pattern make this one a great summer piece for the beach and pool.

4. Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red by Esther Williams | Modcloth ($90)
Sexy and modest and playful (hello, it’s polka dots!) is pretty hard to do, but this suit checks off all three boxes. Okay, let’s go to the beach!

swimsuits under $100 {}

5. Cabana Stripe Maillot | Down East ($43)
At just over $40 this swimsuit is a steal of a deal. With a removable strap and fun criss-cross play on traditional black and white stripes, what’s not to love?

6. Esprit Sharps Beach Padded Bandeau Suit With Rope Details Halter | Asos ($69)
Like the lbd of bathing suits. Free shipping and free returns makes giving this great one-piece a try risk-free.

7. Forever Sexy Harlow Tankini ($52.50) and Foldover Bottom ($30.50) | Victoria’s Secret
Here’s the thing. Victoria’s Secret actually has some pretty great swimsuits. Maybe I’m the only one that’s surprised here. I stumbled upon their suits through a Pinterest search last time around but hesitated from including them in my first roundup. But after Kelly brought them up in the comments I figured why hesitate? They have great suits. This black and white polka dot is gorgeous and don’t even get me started on the leopard print. If I wasn’t so pale I’d be all over that one in a heartbeat.

swimsuits under $100 {}

8. Mini Anchor Print Halter Tankini ($79) and Bottom ($49) | Ann Taylor
A nice two-piece with a delicate nautical touch. (This one rings up at a little over $100.0o all together.)

9. Bombshell Top ($47.50) and Bottom ($29.50) | Kingdom & State
Retro and hot. The boning may make this one more of a fashion suit than an everyday suit (at least for me), but what a great cut!

10. Trim Around Bikini | Beverly Swimwear ($70)
If I was going to get a bikini it would be this one. It’s as close as perfection in a bikini as I’ve seen.  Available in many different color / pattern combinations, but if it was me? I’d go with this one as is.



p.s Check out Bathing Beauties #1 here!



  1. These are all so cute and fun. I love tankinis. Now if only I didn’t have a body that shows I have had two kids.:) They look so cute on them but some of these can go really wrong on a mommy body, ha. Let us know what one you end up getting!!


    1. Oh my gosh girl, I took the plunge and went the tankini route (*nervous*). I had a laparotomy 4 years ago and ever since then I have a perma-puffy tummy and I get sooo self conscious in swimsuits, but I’m working on embracing it. I actually ended up getting #6 from the first post in navy polka dots. I’m so looking forward to warm weather!


    1. #2 and 10 are my favorites! I ended up getting a tankini set from the first post, but if I had seen these earlier I might’ve reconsidered 😉


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