Dose of Hope (and How to Double Your Money for Clean Water in Africa)

John 16:27a The Father Himself loves you dearly because you love me #faith #scripture #quotes

We shared earlier that we’re focusing on Jesus’ words with our weekly Doses of Hope through Lent. Often when I’m reading a devotional or a book or just having my quiet time in the morning, I’ll jot down verses to come back to later and read more in depth. The book of John is such an amazing book that I’m constantly jotting down verses to go back to and read further. I wanted to focus on John 16:27 this week while we focus on not only what Jesus did for us on the cross, but why He did it – because God loves us.

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Printable Memory Verse Card - John 16 27

Today is also World Water Day, and I’m actually super excited to tell you about an organization I just heard about last week and what they’re doing to bring clean water to people across the world. The Adventure Project invests in people all over the world to create jobs that not only give people a sense of empowerment but also work to provide life changing services to their communities. Last week one of the co-founders of The Adventure Project shared a new campaign with our church to raise funds to restore 23 clean water wells in Uganda in honor of World Water Day.

They’ve teamed up with One Day’s Wages, an organization in Seattle that works toward clean water, to launch the campaign and any donations made today will be doubled by One Day’s Wages contributions. Meaning you and I can literally double our money for clean water in Africa. I’m not going to pretend to know what it’s like to go without clean water on a daily basis, but I do love The Adventure Project’s work and the difference they’re making in this world. For more info watch the video below and visit One Day’s Wages to donate.

UNITED FOR CLEAN WATER IN UGANDA from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.



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  1. Love the video about The Adventure Project. So encouraging and inspiring. What a cool idea and so fun to see it happening and changing lives. And, once upon a time, I actually met the founder of One Day’s Wages, Eugene Cho. I attended his church here in Seattle before he started ODW. He’s a genuinely good guy with a deep passion for God and for hurting people. Very encouraging to see what he and his family have been able to do through ODW.


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