Style: drapey pants

Old Navy is all about their Pixie Pant right now, but I’m swooning over their Drapey Cinched Pants instead.

I'm digging these drapey pants! {}

1. Old Navy Drapey Cinched Pants ($30) | 2. Levi’s Wrapped Cardigan ($78) | 3. Target Women’s Layering Tank ($12) | 4. Noonday Collection Sound Wave Earrings ($37) | 5. Bass Brewer Sandals ($88 but I spotted them for $28 at an outlet mall)

I’d pair these pants with a white tank tucked in to accentuate the fun tie waist. Top it off with big gold earrings, a pair of fun red leather sandals, a breezy wrap cardigan for cool summer evenings, and a side swept braid for a fun spring outfit (if it ever stops snowing!).

p.s. I love love love Noonday Collection‘s jewelry. Did you know their company mission is to provide dignified economic opportunities to artisans in vulnerable areas including Uganda, Haiti, Rwanda, etc and a portion of their proceeds also go towards placing orphans in forever homes?




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