My Entryway and the Ultimate Score

the score (
The hubster and I have been slowly turning an old fourth floor NYC walk up into our perfect little haven in the city, and I think it’s time to start showing you in. But before we get there, let’s collectively jump up and down about that table in that picture up there.

You know why?  Because it means the entryway is finally coming together. And this, friends, has been eluding me for ages.

Six months ago I decided our entryway, which is basically a long and never-ending dark hallway that leads to a small wall before the rest of the apartment happens, needed to change. Friends, we cannot have you walking straight into a blank white wall when you come into our home. It’s just not natural.

Then I stumbled across this post by the wonderful Sarah Dorsey about her tiny entryway space, and bells started ringing. I would have a turquoise demilune table (Steph taught me that word) in my entryway. We scoured the city. We combed Craigslist. We walked into every TJ Maxx, Target, and Marshalls in like a 25 mile radius. A turquoise table, or a table that I could cut in half and paint turquoise was not to be had.

Until the hubster and I almost had a tire blow up, then had to get a tire fixed, then missed our oil change because of said tire, then decided to soothe the pain in Homegoods two weeks ago and ran into this. We’re styling it just like this, except the budget part of my brain wouldn’t let me spring for anything outside of the table. So we’re going back. Would you believe that once we set it up this way, like a bajillion women tried to grab this table out of our hands? Would you believe the hubster almost pounced on them to make sure we brought this table home?

It’s all good. Love for our neighbor won out, no harsh words were said, and the table’s in our entryway just waiting for a giant chalkboard, huge orchid, and shimmery picture frame to make it feel at home. The chalkboard’s going to say “Well, hello there!”

What do you guys think? Any other ideas? Tell me your thoughts!





  1. Ya for you!! So excited for you! Can’t wait to see pics when it is all set up in your place!!! Love the homegoods store.Looking at the pic I think it would look amazing if you made a floor length chalkboard like that so it goes behind and up above the table. You know like a floor length mirror?? It would really be dramatic. You could totally diy it for pretty cheap, but the chalkboard stuff does stink. Just what popped into my head:) Really excited for you!


  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that table. The color, the style, the way you’re planning to arrange everything. So happy. Makes me want to come visit you even more. That was totally your plan all along wasn’t it? (Insert your “evil” laugh here) And isn’t it satisfying to finally find exactly what you wanted after all that searching? And if your interested in DIY for the chalkboard, around here you can buy a 4′ x 8′ sheet of hardboard with chalkboard on one side for around $12 at Home Depot (do you have those in NY?). Much easier than chalkboard paint, provided you have a way to cut it to the size you want. Love seeing more of your art/design projects, so keep them coming!


      1. So I was just at Home Depot today and realized that it’s actually the half-sheet (2′ x 4′) that’s around $12. Not quite as cheap as I’d remembered. Still a pretty good sized blackboard, though!


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