Four Ways to Decorate With Old Windows

4 ways to decorate with old windows
When the hubster and I visited Hoffman’s Barn Sale in the Hudson River Valley, I couldn’t get over their selection of used windows. They had huge collections of them all along the side of the barn, and they were crazy cheap. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. These windows above were only $7.00. Do you see all that sparkling treasure just sitting there and begging to be made beautiful?


I was super tempted to grab a bunch for a DIY art piece behind the couch, but since we’re already working on an art piece to hang there (including the frames to end all frames), I ended up letting them go. Still, I can’t help but daydream about all the things that could have been.

Window Pane - A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

I love the chicken wire in place of glass and her beautiful DIY grapevine wreath.

Window Pane - A Beach Cottage website

I’m always a sucker for beach cottage themes. Seriously, heaven will have beach cottages, right?

Window Pane - Liz Marie Blog

Look how simple and pretty this headboard is! Also, her blog is beautiful and full of great inspiration.

fall mantel by craftberry bush
via Craftberry Bush

Last, but definitely not least. This is my favorite of the bunch. I love the old window and white pumpkins on her fall mantle. And I’m loving her latest mantle here, too.

If you stumbled across a bunch of pretty old windows, what would you do with them?

Psst… more good stuff:

30 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Windows from

51 Creative Decorating Ideas for Old Windows from 1KindDesign

Original photo of Hoffman’s Barn Sale windows by Kim Fernando. Adapted for this post by Stephanie Oh.




  1. Seriously, only $7? That’s crazy awesome. So much fun. Loved scroll through all the ideas on those sites you linked to and dreaming about “someday.” I actually have an old window with sentimental value–my mom saved it for me from the house we lived in for almost a decade when we first moved to Seattle. A beautiful early 1900s house that was a unique combo of Queen Anne and Craftsman style (an architect built it for his own house, so he went a little crazy with the style). My parents restored the outside to it’s original glory (it had been covered up by asbestos siding and other horrible things) and ended up re-opening an upstairs porch that had been closed in for another bedroom (my bedroom!) many, many years ago. Anyway, there were a couple of lovely old windows that came out of that transformation of my old room, so my brother and I both have one. I’ve never decided exactly what to do with it, but I always thought it might be fun to use it kind of like an actual window–putting an enlarged photograph behind the whole window, a scenic view, so that it would seem like you were actually looking outside at an amazing view. Just a thought. Anyway, thanks for the fun topic! Can’t wait to see your projects as they come together.


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