What Following Tends to Look Like

We’ve been talking about following Jesus ’round here. About kissing yes-itis, people-pleasing, and the ways of this world goodbye and finding that fuller life that Christ lived and died and rose again to extend to us. 

Follow – Kissing yes-itis people-pleasing and the ways of this world behind to follow Jesus into fuller life

I’m not normally a fan of using bullet points when we talk about our relationship with the Lord, because let’s be honest… it’s just kind of yucky. Can we really – even if we try hard – reduce the amazing love of our God and Savior to a couple sentences?

BUT, friends, I hope you’ll forgive me for this one, because I’m going to speak in broad strokes about some of the things I’ve learned over and over again in my three decades of walking hand in hand with the Lord – in the ups and downs and round and rounds and finally in those moments when I learn to just let Him love me and I learn to love Him right back. Because those are the moments that we’re made to live in.

Here they are, and we’ll get into each one deeper as the days and weeks go by.  Steph made us a pretty chart, because that’s what she does and because everything’s better with pictures.

A personal and non-exhaustive discussion of how I'm learning to follow Jesus

In general, what I’ve learned about my relationship with God is that it’s a lot easier to follow Him when I’m actually giving it my all (Duh, right? Thank you for still loving me). I get it, that’s self explanatory. But what I mean by giving it my all is letting His Holy Spirit dig deeper and deeper into who I am to make me more like Him. And friends, that’s not an overnight process for any of us. We’re on this long road with Him, and we shouldn’t want it any other way.

So what are the basics in a nutshell? Getting close to God. He loves us. Being close is the only way to really believe it. Accepting His healing – not just physical healing, but emotional, relational, spiritual, financial, wherever He wants to go and whatever He wants to use for His glory. I’m not saying that’s easy or quick or that it looks the same in all of us or that it even looks like our idea of healing, but I’m saying I’ve learned that in every area of my life, Jesus wants in and He wants to be there with us. Using what we have well and believing our “little” can be His “lot.” Letting Him give us dreams and being bold enough to believe. And of course sharing all of this, everything we have whether it’s our hope or our hands, with others.

Would you add anything to this list? Take anything away? Let me know. 

You’re loved today and always, friend. I hope you know it.




  1. This is exciting isn’t it. Saying yes and following Him is a great adventure, Kim….One moment at a time. Thanks for all the great comments on my blog, I have an email in the works for you…hugs and love to you friend……love the title now of your blog. Fun to make changes as we evolve isn’t it.


  2. So where I’m at. Falling back into closeness with Him. How I’ve missed it. Thankful He NEVER gives up on us and is always there when I run back to Him. It seriously feels like coming home. He is so amazing.
    And I love how you closed your post.:)


    1. Krystle, you gave me so much happiness yesterday with this. I LOVE it!! So full of praise for what God’s doing in you. It does feel like coming home. Oh, I’m so grateful He always flings open the door and prepares the robe to welcome us home. He’s so good. Love you, friend!


  3. I love this! I have a feeling I’m going to really, really love your blog and lose some hours going back and reading through past posts! (So much for getting anything done tonight!) 🙂


  4. I know you know this, but it bears repeating: All of our journeys are full of *duh* experiences–because honestly, isn’t it the underlying foundation of our faith and our relationship with God that we so frequently struggle to comprehend, to live out in the day-to-day life? I suppose that’s because the “basics” of salvation are anything but basic–God dying in our place, paying the cost of our failings, welcoming us into the kingdom as sons and daughters of the king, and pursuing relationship with us every single day of our lives. Who can really comprehend such a beautiful mystery?

    I’m glad you are finding tangible things to work on and ponder as you seek to follow Christ more fully this year–because it’s definitely an enormous undertaking and it would be easy to get overwhelmed if you didn’t break it down into pieces and starting points. I think, for me, the diagram would be more similar to something you talked about last fall during your “More of God’s Best” series–where “getting close to God” would be at the center, and then there would be circles expanding from there to express the journey of following. But it’s really impossible to fully convey, as you say, because it’s all interconnected. I just think it’s important to remember that “getting close to God” is really the perpetual focus of the journey, no matter what other stage we are working on, whether it is in accepting healing or in reaching out to others, etc. So there’s my 2 cents. Which is worth exactly 2 cents, of course. 🙂 Looking forward to walking the road with you, wherever God leads you, Friend!


    1. Courtney, as always I LOVE your contribution here, and I’m so sorry it took me ages to say so! Yes… That has been one of my prayers lately, “Help me understand Your mystery.” Because there’s SO much to God that I want to know and sometimes so little I really grasp for or seek. The deeper into that communion we go, the more astounding it is.

      And I love your thoughts on the picture! Isn’t it true. Getting close to God really has to be the energy source for everything else He asks of us and does in our lives. And it’s of course the ultimate source of healing. How can we ever truly sketch out the love that knows no limits? This is why I sometimes cringe at the thought of even trying to capture it all in bullets. His love truly is so much bigger than I can ever know.

      Love you, friend!


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