What I Learned and Loved in January

orange bowl in Jan

A top bun is the absolute best way to have amazing hair even after rocking a fur hat. When the temps hit negative degrees, I found out that if I put my hair in a top bun, pulled my hat over that, then let it down when I got to my destination, I’d have super waves and not an ounce of hat hair.

Did you know there’s a citrus fruit called a honeybell that is made by crossing an orange and a grapefruit? Apparently they’re only in season for 10 weeks a year, and my mother-in-law sent the hubster and I two huge boxes from Cushman’s by Harry & David.

Sometimes it’s super hard to hand something over to others, even if I know they’re going to do a better job than I did. I learned that when I stepped away from the (in)courage community group that I’d been co-serving (as I like to call it) for several months. The new leaders are going to rock it like no other, and a piece of me wished I could give it another go.

BUT… Right now, the more I take off my plate the more I can really love and invest in those things that are on my plate.

The Gospel of John is legit. I watched this three hour movie when I was home with a cold mid-month. It’s a full-on movie using only the words in the Gospel of John. And it’s so well done that I didn’t even mind watching a dude play Jesus for the most part (sometimes that’s weird for me) and also I thought it brought what actually happened to life better than any other made for TV series or move I’ve seen.

So she’s a big deal, but I just read Liz Curtis Higgs‘ bio this month and it totally floored me. It’s like reading my own story. Minus the Howard Stern and drug usage part. But still, I could relate to every single thing in there… What a powerful example of how truth telling with our stories breathes the hope of Christ into others.

Lastly, I am slow. I take weeks to respond to emails, days to respond to texts, and months to respond to phone calls. My former self would think I’m crazy, but my new self loves taking things one at a time and moving at a more peaceful pace. And, like The Nester says, I like margin.

Good readin’ …

Greg Laurie’s Empty Net Syndrome

This month’s top posts 

January top posts

What About Your FriendsFree Printable: Psalm 18:1 |Dose of Hope: John 6:27 | Following Our Compass

And lastly, y’all heard the big news, right? Starting very soon gospel girls will be Pray, Live, Create. The same blog with the same focus and a whole lot of praise for what He’s doing in our lives.

This wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t ask, what did you learn and love? Lay it on us! 



  1. Great info here and great news for you on the slowing down the pace……I am going to look into the Gospel of John for sure…..stay warm and safe friend. Winter is really overdoing it now…it is time to stop and for Spring to come to visit!


    1. Renee, you’ll love it! I watched it for free on YouTube, but it’s pretty low-res. Apparently they also have a few other movies done in the same way. I hope you’re staying warm and safe, too! I hear there’s another storm crossing the country this weekend!


  2. I had no idea about honeybells. Now I’m totally intrigued! Also, sadly, my hair is too short for a top bun. I have to put my hair up in pigtails at night so my curls don’t get smashed when I sleep on them 🙂 . My mother thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. I’m totally not convinced. Needless to say, it’s probably a good thing I live in a mild-winter area because hats are definitely not friends with my curls. And double YES to the sharing of our stories and how it helps heal and support the ones we allow into our broken places. I’m a believer. But then, you already know that about me! I was going to tell you what I learned in January, but then I realized I really couldn’t remember that far back. Sigh. Ah well. I do remember that this January (and so far February too) was a million times better than last January. So big Hallelujah for that! Love you girl.


    1. Yay for better Januaries! My husband does NOT think the top bun is the cutest thing ever. The things we do for good hair. 😉

      Looks like I’m going to try to smuggle a honeybell your way next week!


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