Pray, Live, Create

2013 was a big year for us as Kim and I teamed up to use our time and talents to start this blog with the aim of growing in faith and making Him known. And it’s been awesome and an amazingly blessed experience. We’ve talked about faith, and life, and art, and even a little bit about decorating and crafting.

And with that in mind we have some changes planned for 2014, God willing. We hope you’ll join us as we transition this community of Christ lovers over to a new name, Pray Live Create (, taken straight from our top menu bar.  Because over the past year this blog has evolved to include so much more than Kim and I ever expected. It’s become a way to celebrate a richer, fuller life in Christ as we seek Him and practice being better disciples.  Life that includes praying, seeking, celebrating, reading, cooking, traveling, shopping, creating, and more.

Of course, we want faith in Christ to always be first and foremost in our lives and on this blog (that’s why “Pray” comes first in our new name). Let’s talk about a faith so big that it guides every area of our lives. Let’s talk about our Healer and healing, our Creator and creating, and a God that loves us so much that He gave His one and only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

Pray, Live, Create (or PLC as we’ve been calling it) will launch this month right here with all past comments and content in tact, and our URL will automatically redirect to

Will you join us?



  1. Ahhhhh! So exciting! Totally not what I was expecting but I’m looking forward to journeying with you both in the next chapter. I am a tiny bit sad to say goodbye to “Gospel Girls” since I’ve become quite fond of you under that name, but I’m thankful that I was here for the whole Gospel Girls part of the journey and excited to see what’s next. And I definitely understand how blogs take on a life of their own, go places you don’t expect. I mean, hello–I started mine strictly as an art blog, to post my projects and the process of creating them. Even took the blog’s name from the art project I was working on at the time. Yeah. It’s totally not an art blog any more! I’m thankful, though, that the name I chose (or, rather, God chose)–Growing Is Beautiful–has left me room to change and grow and write as I feel lead. I hope your new name will do the same for you both!


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