Free Printable: 2014 #Follow Printable (In 4 Colors)

Last week I shared that the hubster and I aren’t making resolutions in the formal sense. Instead, we’re adopting “follow” as the theme of the year. As in, we’re going to be following God by setting a mental compass on both the things He’s asked us to do and the dreams He’s placed in our hearts.

While we don’t know exactly where that’s going to lead or what His timing is going to be, we want to do our part to be intentional with how we live this year so we don’t end up in exactly the same place that we started. So I asked Steph to create a free printable for us that we can use to write down the areas He’s asking us to follow Him and frame on our wall.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m not getting daily reminders of what I need to focus on, I’m super likely to let my circumstances or the things other people ask of me totally guide my path.

In the words of our former, former, former president, “Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent…” (I couldn’t help myself!)

So here’s the 2014 Follow Printable. I’m using the arrows as lines to fill in our areas of focus.

follow_card_webpreviewSteph made us four different color combinations available by clicking on the links below.


Click the links below to download.

pink and gold follow card
lime and turquoise follow card
orange and bright pink follow card
fuchsia and teal follow card

I promised pics of ours with our areas of focus filled in, and I will deliver. I didn’t get a chance to swing by Staples this week, so it’s coming soon!

 Cards by Kim Fernando & Stephanie Oh.



  1. Lovely! Nice work, Steph! I’m always partial to fuchsia and teal, so I’d definitely go with that one. 🙂

    Kim, I really appreciate this idea and I think it applies to each of us, every year of our lives, no matter what “word” or theme we’re pursuing. We should always be asking “Where is God leading? How is He asking me to pursue Him in this year ahead?” Because everything else we do, it has to come under that one thing–that compass, as you say–or it’s all without direction and eternal purpose. Thank you for sharing your journey and encouraging my heart to seek God more purposefully.


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