Music for your Midweek

Music for your Midweek

Hope you guys are staying warm this week! I’ve been off work since last Friday due to snow day after snow day so I’m keeping busy by commandeering Music for Your Midweek this month to share some of my all time favorite worship music. I love me a good mixtape / playlist, so I’ll be focusing on song selections here rather than full albums. Click the link under each album cover to listen for free on Spotify or listen to the full streaming playlist at the bottom (I’ll link to the full album, too, if you want to hear more). Hope you enjoy!

p.s. Sorry for the delay getting this up this morning! Spotify was giving me the cold shoulder, but we’re cool again.

Paul Baloche Glorious

Paul Baloche “Glorious”

I cannot over exaggerate how much I love the title track from this album. It’s one of the best modern worship songs of all time. Of all time!!! But seriously, it’s epic, heartfelt, not at all forced, pure worship of our King.  You’ll catch me singing along to “Glorious” at the top of my lungs every single time.  Listen to the song without me singing along here and the full album here.

Lindsay McCaul If it Leads Me Back

Lindsay McCaul “Say My Name”

“Say My Name” has been on my worship playlists for a couple months now and is just a great modern worship song. Listen here or the full album here.

Audrey Assad Heart
Audrey Assad “Even the Winter”

Let’s pause and take a moment to appreciate how great Audrey Assad is. I’m head over heels for her voice. “Even the Winter” is a beautiful song about faith, and so appropriate for snowy, cold weeks like this one, even if she is speaking metaphorically. I just love it. Listen to the song here. And I totally recommend the full album here.

Chris Tomlin if Our God is For Us

Chris Tomlin “I Will Follow”

I don’t think there’s a single Chris Tomlin song I don’t love, and “I Will Follow” is probably my favorite song from the past 10 years. Listen here and stream the full album (highly recommended) here.

Watermark The Purest Place

Watermark (featuring Charlie Hall) “Captivate Us”

I love the stripped down acoustic mellowness of this track featuring Charlie Hall. It’s heartfelt beauty has me hooked every time. Listen to “Captivate Us” here and the full album here.

Elevation Worship Nothing is Wasted

Elevation Worship “In Your Presence (Live)”

Elevation Worship is quickly becoming a new favorite. I seriously want to visit Charlotte, NC for the sole purpose of seeing them live at Elevation Church, but in the meantime I’m tiding myself over with their albums. Listen to “In Your Presence” here and the incredible whole live album here.

Moriah Peters I Choose Jesus

Moriah Peters “Know Us By Our Love”

A couple years ago Moriah Peters auditioned for American Idol and was promptly rejected and told by the judges to go “kiss a boy” and experience life before trying to make music. She chose Jesus over pop culture and her album I Choose Jesus was born. “Know Us By Our Love” is such a fun song with a great message. Listen to the song here, or the full album here.

Stream songs individually above via Spotify for free, or listen to the full playlist here.

Music for your Midweek image by Stephanie Oh.



  1. Many of these songs and/or artists are new to me, so I’m looking forward to listening and exploring. That Watermark album, though, I pretty much wore it out when it was new! Amazing album and Captivate Us is definitely a favorite still. And, oh, how I love Audrey Assad! I can’t believe I don’t actually own any of her music. I’ve been listening to her song “Good to Me” a lot lately. Thanks for the recommendations, Steph!


    1. I need to pay more attention to the whole Watermark album. I’ve been so stuck on “Captivate Us” that I haven’t really given the full album a proper listen. Putting it on while I get ready for work (and checking out the Audrey Assad song, too – I didn’t know she put out a new song last year!)… Have a great weekend Courtney!


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