Last Minute Gift Guide ($20 or Less)

Growing up, Christmas meant ginormous piles of presents under the tree, all amazingly wrapped with giant bows and ribbons. But in the past few years we’ve scaled down Christmas with small meaningful gifts for the people we love. I’ve been making a list of gift ideas for weeks, and here are a few of my faves for under $20.00. Since the grocery store is one of my favorite places to find gifts, almost everything below comes from there. Why not?


My love for Hugo Naturals cannot be overstated. I picked up a travel size of their vanilla and sweet orange body lotion and am seriously convinced every woman deserves this in her purse. Usually scented things give me a headache, but because this one is scented with essential oils it doesn’t bother me at all. A big 8oz bottle is $9.99 on their website, and I’ve also seen it in Whole Foods all over or Fairway Markets in the Northeast.


I spotted Everyday Shea’s shea butter bubble bath at Whole Foods and fell in love. A 32oz bottle of this is only $13.99. Plus the bottle is adorable and I found out later that sales help support an organization providing nutrition and healthcare for babies in Togo.


Biggs and Featherbelle sugar and spice soap set is only $13.99 on their website or a dollar less at Mom’s grocery stores in the Washington D.C. area, where I spotted it. Or $7.99 here! (too good to be true??)


Caveman Cookies are an awesome gift for gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free friends. As the box says, they’re just like your great, great, great, great, great, great… grandmother used to make. The Alpine flavor is a carob hazelnut cookie that’s perfect for Christmas. They’re only $6.95 a box and can be found at natural food stores.


I’m allergic to corn, but that wouldn’t stop me from giving out Quinn Popcorn to family and friends who aren’t. They have seven flavors, and their vermont maple and sea salt sounds so good! It’s $14.99 for three boxes, so you could give someone a whole bunch or split it up and gift it to friends, white elephant parties, or with a gift card to a movie theater.


We spotted Fearless chocolate bars in a grocery store in Queens on a date night. With flavors like Sweet & Hot, Exploding Coconuts, and Deepest Dark, how could they not be amazing? The bars are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, and are $5.99 each on their website.

Also, can we be real? Trader Joe’s big box of dark chocolate sea salt caramels ($4.99) or bags of milk chocolate toffee popcorn ($2.99) are totally affordable and fun gifts. I love to give this stuff out to friends and coworkers.


I spotted this Enlightened Owl Luminary at a fair trade store in Northern Virginia. It’s only $20 through and is a great gift for family and friends into home design.


Home Depot has amaryllis kits for just over $10.00. It’s a great gift for flower lovers, especially if they repot the bulb and watch it come up again next year. Update: I ended up ordering bulb kits through Holland Bulb Farms and so far would definitely recommend them!


Last but definitely not least, The Story Bible. This is an item on my personal wish list, so I can’t help but throw it in here. The Story Bible is an NIV translation Bible arranged in chronological order as one long story of God’s redemptive love. I want this so bad words cannot describe, and it’s a great gift for loved ones who are interested in reading more of God’s story, too. The hardcover is just under $12.00 and the ebook is just $3.00 at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble right now.

What are some of your favorite gift ideas this year? 



  1. This is a fun list, thanks for sharing! Good ideas for gifts in general and also for future care packages 🙂 . It’s probably no surprise that tea is at the top of my grocery-store gift list! I try to tuck some into everyone’s stockings in my family. I always have to restrain myself with the amaryllis and other blooming gifts, though. It turns out not everyone loves plants as much as me (what?!). But one of my best friends gave me an amaryllis for my birthday a while back (7 years?) and it’s still going strong and I absolutely love it. It’s putting up buds right now, in fact! Also, thanks for pointing out “The Story.” My parents just bought me my first e-reader (Kindle Paperwhite) for my birthday and that might have to be my first e-book!

    Hope you are enjoying your time away…we just got a dusting of snow this morning, but of course it’s mostly gone now. Super blustery out, though! Hope you are staying warm and dry, Kim!


    1. Tea! How could I forget! Yes, that’s an amazing gift. My husband actually loves getting tea for Christmas, too.

      Tell me your secret when it comes to amaryllis! I’d love to keep one alive that long!

      Enjoy those flurries! We got the same in CO today but it didn’t stick. Just a little layer. Maybe we’ll all get a white Christmas! Hugs!

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      1. Haha, I don’t know if I have a secret or if I just have a very special amaryllis. Or maybe God just knew I needed something that wouldn’t give up and wouldn’t stop blooming even through all the hard years. If I did have advice for amaryllis, it would be lots of sun (mine’s in a south-facing window), a small pot (it seems to prefer being crowded rather than having lots of room), and cold nights in the fall/winter when it’s getting ready to bloom. Here’s a blog post I wrote a couple years back on my beautiful, fearless amaryllis:


        1. Thank you! A friend and I had an amaryllis at work that did amazing right until this November. I think we went wrong by not giving it cold nights. I’m going to check out your post!


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