Lamp Lamp

Hope you guys are enjoying this winter weather! We had two snow days and a two hour delay on Wednesday, but I think we’re finally back into the swing of things. So this past Wednesday after a short day of work I ducked into Target on my way home to buy a gift card for our upcoming teacher gift exchange. I’ve made a habit of breezing through the back of the home decorating section to scope of the clearance end caps every time I stop in the store, and it’s definitely paid off, as it did this past week when I saw the deal of the century.

A nautical-ish oil rubbed bronze and “glass” (plastic) table lamp for $3.08.


I’ve been actively searching for a pair of lamps for our dining room buffet for months, so I snatched the lamp and it’s twin and stuck them in an abandoned cart as fast as I could. While I was giving it a thorough once over to check for defects (nope!) a woman walked by and joked that at $3.00 I couldn’t NOT buy the lamp. I approached the checkout counter, bracing myself for the man behind the counter to tell me that there’d been a mistake. But he didn’t. Instead he scanned the attached tag, leaned over and joked “girl, if I was you I’d take this and run.”

The lamps may be a bit too short for what I want in our dining room (I think I want something taller like in my inspiration photo), so they could be an option for our guest room. And that’s where I need you. I’m now choosing between the $3 lamp and a $7 thrifted Asian style lamp for the bedside table in our guest room. And I’d love your votes!

Here’s the $3 Target lamp (overlook the alarm clock, it’s still hanging out from my husband’s bachelor days but it’s days are numbered):


And the Asian style thrift lamp:


I originally picked this one up at one of my favorite local thrift stores after falling in love with the lamps in this, this, and this photo. Swoon!

So what would you do? Nautical $3 lamp or Asian style thrift lamp? Help a girl out!




  1. If that is the end table they are going on then you have to go with the nautical lamp because there are too many flowers with the thrift lamp….the Asian lamp will look good in a study, sitting room, living room type area😊


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