What I Learned and Loved in November

We’re officially through our first week of December, so what better time to look back at what I learned and loved in November? Not all if it’s new, but it all made an impact on me.

First, probably the most important thing I re-learned is that accepting Jesus and experiencing His transforming power in our lives is just the beginning. We must also allow Him to make us more like Him and learn to stand firm in our faith. This wasn’t necessarily new info, but it had a lot of practical day to day implications in my life last month.

The easiest way to get up earlier is to adjust my alarm clock by five minutes a day. The same goes for going to bed earlier, too. And the easiest way to make both of those things happen is to have a fridge and freezer full of breakfast, lunch, and dinner already made for the week ahead. This was one of my favorite recipes with chicken sausage chopped up and added to the pot.

This chewable vitamin is my new favorite multivitamin. Did I mention it’s chewable? And delicious? And requires no swallowing?

Christianity Today + Life Beautiful. One part intelligent words, one part pretty pictures. I couldn’t pick between them, so I bought both of them during our trip to South Florida, and loved them both.

There is a movie coming out about Noah in March, and I want to see it like woah. It may not be 100% accurate, but overall it looks like an epic retelling of one of the biggest events in history and one of the most obedient men who’s ever lived. God said build a giant ark, and he got to building. His story never fails to inspire me.

And lastly, Beth Moore’s Get Out of That Pit has been in my purse and my hands for the last two months now. I can’t get enough of it. Every page = serious truth!

Your turn… What did you learn and love in November?


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