On Giving Thanks

Sometimes the things we should be most grateful for are the things that we most often take for granted  (full post at the link)

It’s official. According to Carrie Bradshaw and the rules of nature, I’m now a real New Yorker. This week marks the nine year anniversary since I packed up my minivan post-college and set sail for the east coast. And if I’m honest with you, I’m still not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. The last nine years have held more than their fair share of life altering experiences.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, which is to say giving thanks, I want to share a few of those experiences that stick out in vivid color and really encapsulate what the last nine years have been all about

Moment one…  I’m walking to the train on my way to work, and my whole being is celebrating over my fingers and toes. I’m singing praise from the bottom of my heart that I’m moving feet and hands without pain, that I have fingers and toes that work, because this in itself is a gift, and I can’t believe that God is this generous.

This one, I remember all of the time. I have never felt so full of thanks.

Moment two… The same year, I’m on the massage bed with my physical therapist, and suddenly I realize my head no longer hurts. After two years of a constant migraine that stuck by my side from the time I woke up to the time I drifted off to sleep, it’s gone. Just like that. I can’t even remember the moment it left, but suddenly I’m aware it’s no longer here. And I want to sing from the mountain tops that God is good.

I remember this one, too, because it was the beginning of a life being restored.

And moment three, from this week, because it’s never too recent to have a moment make an impact… I’m standing over a sink full of dirty dishes and squeezing soap onto a sponge, and I remember that for two weeks we didn’t have running water in either of our sinks, and this doesn’t feel like a chore. Now it feels like a privilege, and it’s even kind of fun.

(Don’t tell the hubster. That stays between you and me.)

What do all of those moments have in common? An overwhelming feeling of gratitude admist the plain and everyday. Each of them could have been easily ignored, and I’ve probably ignored a million little moments like them before and since. But for whatever reason, in the few seconds that each of them took to pass, my heart and God’s Spirit perfectly aligned and I was filled with thanks.

So as we head into Thanksgiving – a day I hope you’re spending with people who love you, and if not, then a day I hope you know how loved you areI’m grateful that the years that felt like my world was being turned upside down were actually the years that God was ever so gradually and lovingly turning it right side up. 

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 #dosesofhope (printable memory verse card at the link!)




    1. Krystle, I’m looking forward to hearing about those milestones, too! It’s so true what they say about hindsight. One day you’ll look back and see significance in things that felt like tiny steps at the time. 🙂


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