Four More Things for Giving Thanks

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve rounded up four more ideas for making the most of this season of gratitude. (See our first list here!)

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1. Kristin Welch of We are THAT Family wrote this great post on five ways to take back Thanksgiving. She and her family will be spending the holiday in Kenya, but her suggestions for reclaiming this Thursday as a day of thanks are things that any of us can do. It’s totally worth the read.

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2. You already know we’re fans of free printables around here. Beautiful artwork to hang around the home or office for just the cost of printing? You can’t get better than that. These free gratitude prints from Mique at 30 Handmade Days are perfect for Thanksgiving. There are three total, and they print to 8×10 size.

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3. This year I’ve been dreaming of starting a tradition for counting our blessings with the hubster, and I love this thankful box from the Handmade Home. Ashley drew the gold polka dots onto a white photo box using a metallic marker, which means this is entirely within my skill set and beautiful enough to display all year round.

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4. Simply Vintage Girl’s thankful tree is another great way to count your blessings on Thanksgiving. I love the idea of using this as a centerpiece on our coffee table through Thanksgiving or displaying it through the whole month of November next year in our apartment.

What are your favorite ways to cultivate gratitude and say thanks around Thanksgiving?



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