Dose of hope: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 #dosesofhope (printable memory verse card at the link!)

Right click to save and print the memory verse card below.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 printable memory verse card

Psst, I put this one together using the free Fall Foliage Photoshop Brush Set from Creature Comforts. Go check it out to download your own set!




  1. There sure are a lot of Christians having nice comfortable lives in the good old US of A. Talking the talk of sacrifice and yet neatly packaging their own lives and spheres. Convinced of their own well meaning status and yet not really that distinct or counter cultural from the rest of society. Delusional crucifixions abound. What’s that saying…”we can’t hear what you are saying because of your lives”. At least the Christians, the real ones, in these far off places are actually truly suffering for the faith they profess. In these parts it’s just cultural Christianity. If you want crucifixion folks, go and join your brothers and sisters in lands far off. Like the poor pastors living in the slums of places. Dinner parties or a death sentence…now that’s a tough choice. Let’s not kid ourselves that anything near genuine Christianity is going in the US of A. Just be honest with us and yourselves folks. It’s all a feel good Christianity. Neatly wrapped and inoffensive.


  2. Hi Dan, I won’t say that your perception of Christians is skewed, but one that I don’t fully agree with nonetheless. Full disclosure: I’m Christian and my wife is one of the writers of this blog. I won’t attempt to discuss how much Christians do to serve others, both financially or actual service ministry, but I feel confident that there are many Christians worldwide who are quite generous with their time, money and sacrifices.

    As for my wife, we give a percentage of our income despite the fact that I am a doctoral student and we are a one-income couple. We actually want to give more when I start earning some day (as opposed to binging on extremely lavish dinner parties). My wife and I also regularly serve along with other Christians to aid the homeless community in NYC as part of a personal calling to step outside our comfort zone and help those in need. Our church was also one of the first responders for those who were hurt by Hurricane Sandy and we were out there doing the actual work that needed to be done. Some churches were out there even before the government responded. Now, is this as sacrificial as compared to our brothers and sisters out there who are dying across the world in Christ’s name? Probably not…. But it doesn’t matter. Because we aren’t here to make a name for ourselves, and our mission isn’t to be different or counter cultural to society. Our mission is to be a part of the very society we want to serve, to love others and fulfill God’s goals for us, whether its preaching in China, providing medical need to those in Africa, packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, or serving the hungry here in New York.

    But I guess your point is to highlight the many self-professed “Christians” who live extravagant lifestyles and don’t actually follow the Lord. And don’t get me wrong, I agree with you in that there are many Jimmy Swaggarts in this world. Unfortunately, your above comment above is sadly “black and white” and is ultimately equivocal to the several such dichotomies of this world – bad teachers vs. good teachers, the exemplary police officer vs. the corrupt cop, a devout Muslim vs. the fundamentalist Islamist – and yes, good and bad Christians. We could spend an entire life pointing out those who profess to be one thing, and end up being another. What I don’t understand is how you go after my wife and her sister when you don’t even know them. If you truly knew what good people they are, you probably wouldn’t have posted such an uncalled-for comment. And for the record: there’s nothing wrong with a good dinner party man.


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