What I Learned and Loved in October

What I Learned in October - Read more at the link

Can you believe October is really over? It came and went before I even knew it was here, but like all good months it left its share of good lessons and things to love. Here are a few of them in no particular order.

Like a good conversation and a good relationship, pursuing more of God’s best takes time. We scratched the surface this month on what it means to pursue more of God’s best in our lives, or in other words, what it means to live in the full knowledge of His love and be a greater force of love in the lives of others. I learned a lot from joining The Nester in her 31 Days challenge, but most of all I learned that stuff like this just can’t be rushed. Taking part in this experience confirmed that I like to leave a little more breathing room between posts, both for myself – so I can live out the things God is speaking to my heart with intention – and for you guys who are stopping by.

Josh Garrels Love & War & The Sea In Between is amaaazing. This album was named the best album of the year in 2011 by Christianity Today, but I just discovered his music at The Price of Life event to raise awareness around human trafficking. I’m equally as obsessed with Love & War B-Sides & Remixes. Listen for free here and hear “Farther Along” below.

I’m less likely to read a series if I fall a few days behind. Can I get an amen on this one? Am I the only one who will skip reading a blog post if it’s labeled “Day 15” and I missed days ten through fourteen? I know it’s not necessarily the best thing, but it’s just who I am, and in the words of Popeye, I am what I am.

Now that October is over, I’m dying to go back and read Edie at Life in Grace’s 31 Days to Less and More and Mandy’s 31 Days to Greater Self-Discipline.

Multitasking is not where it’s at. Add this to my testimony: chronic multi-tasker turned serious intention freak. Despite what every job description in the modern world says, multitasking does not make us more valuable. It just makes us burnt out. The Lord has made it very clear He has a rhythm for my life, and when I follow it, things are pretty peachy keen. When I try to take on too much, I end up stressed out. I’m loving this new rhythm and I’m never going back to multitasking again.

care package at wearegospelgirls

Care packages are a big deal. I got the one above in the mail from a wonderful friend, and it made my day. The mug is a permanent fixture on my dresser.

Our love can’t be counterfeit. This is also another big take away for me from October. If we’re going to love ourselves, our families and the people we do life with, and our communities well, we have to really love them. Sometimes this means sacrificing what we want to do for what’s most needed by our people, and sometimes it means giving ourselves space to do what we want to do in order to love ourselves well. Long story short, there’s no formula for love. It just has to come from the heart, and we’ll probably spend the rest of our lives getting better at it.

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. – Romans 12:9a (NLT)

Sundays = Sacred. I’m not just talking the sacred act of coming together with people and worshipping. I’m talking about my Sabbath, which also just happens to fall on Sunday. This is my day of rest. The day I get total unhindered restorative time before I enter the world again on Monday. It is glorious, and I look forward to it all week long. I learned the hard way twice this month that I can’t miss it. A day of relaxation is a total must have if I’m going to love my people well.

And that’s it! October’s most read posts are…

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What did you learn and love in October?



  1. I {heart} this post. So much. I agree with pretty much every single thing you’re saying here. I love the idea of spending an extended period of time talking about and focusing on a particular idea or subject–in fact, I learn much better that way, rather than jumping from one topic to another too quickly. But I definitely learn and grow a lot more when I have time to reflect and ruminate on the things I write about and the things I read. I struggle to keep up with every-day postings. I did stumble across the Sweetwater blog, though, and she did her 31 days on hope–I got through about half of it but I really want to read the whole thing now when I get a chance: http://thesweetwaterblog.com/2013/09/30/take-hope/

    I *love* that album from Josh Garrels! I got it off Noisetrade a while back but only started listening to it a couple months ago and it’s seriously amazing. “Resistance” is one of my favs.

    And my heart is just so happy that the care package brought you as much joy and encouragement as I hoped it would. Grateful for you, Friend. Just grateful.


    1. Just poked around on the sweet water blog and really like it. I think I’ll be joining you in catching up with that series!

      Yes, isn’t it amazing? There’s like so much real life gospel in every song, I just can’t stop listening.

      Thankful for YOU, too!


  2. Kim, I can’t thank you enough for stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful comments. But most of all, I am now OBSESSED with Josh Garrel’s music! Truly, you couldn’t have nailed my taste in music more spot on. THANK YOU! Love your beautiful blog too!


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