How to Throw An Owl-O-Ween Party

How to throw an owl-o-ween party
Let’s all pretend that the picture above is styled better with that wire rim propping Sir Owl up hidden out of sight. Because when I came home to take the real picture my dining room looked like a chicken slaughter house and Sir Owl had gone from the fluffy little guy so full of life above to a featherless zombie, below.


Long story short, 2 dogs + 1 feathery owl decoration (even when placed “really high up”) = how NOT to have an owl-o-ween party. Scroll below for some better ideas.

xo, Steph

Last week we were talking about easy ways to get people together and build community. For the past month I’ve been dreaming of putting together a Happy Owl-O-Ween party and sending out a big evite to all of our friends. The hubster and I weren’t able to pull that off this year, but Steph and I were still able to pull together everything you’d need to throw the best Owl-O-Ween party ever.

easy owloween masks

Sweet Bonnie Christine | Mahalo | Mr. Printable

These woodland creature masks are super adorable and make dressing up for Owl-O-Ween easy. The Bonnie Christine printable masks are only $5.00 for all four on Etsy (you can print as many copies of the four as you need to), the woodland felt masks are a splurge at $58.00 for seven masks, but the printable masks by Mr. Printable are totally free.

wee society - paper bag animals

Wee Society

Wee Society’s paper bag animals are made from grocery bags using the instructions on their website.

owl pumpkins by Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

Owl pumpkins. Need I say more? Better Homes and Gardens has a super simple tutorial at the link above.

Amelies House - owl cupcake liners

Amelie’s House

These cute little owls are made from cupcake liners. I can’t get enough of them, and I love the idea of these little guys perching around the house for the holiday.

Lauren McKinsey - happy-owl-o-ween-for-boys_hanging-gift-tags_1

Lauren McKinsey

You can hang an Owl-O-Ween gift tag on paper bags for easy favors, and the best part is it’ll cost less than two dollars.

owloween gift boxes


I mean c’mon. Seriously… you get enough of these? Both Papercrave and domestifluff offer free printables for the best owl gift boxes ever.

Owloween Clipart by LillyBimble

Lilly Bimble

And last but not least, easy things for your e-vite or invitation. Lilly Bimble’s Owl-O-Ween clipart can be downloaded instantly from etsy for only five bucks and then used to make the cutest printable invitations, Facebook event invite photo, email evite, or whatever else you’d want to make with pictures of owls in hats.

feather clip art by create the cut

Create the Cut

Or you can just throw feathers on everything, with this great clipart from Create the Cut.

So that’s it. What would you add for an Owl-O-Ween party? 



  1. Haha!!! The owl zombie pic/story is awesome!! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.:) I’m going to show my hubby.
    Even though we don’t do Halloween over here I still love the owl decor. Maybe the kids and I will do the owl pumpkins for Thanksgiving. How cute would those be mini!


    1. Haha, thanks Krystal! The best part was when I put (what was left of) the owl back out the next day. Riley stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she spotted it and spent an hour growling at it – it was hilarious!
      Love your pumpkin idea for Thanksgiving!


  2. Steph, THANK YOU for sharing the owl zombie story! I read it when you posted it earlier this week and seriously giggled to myself for a good 10 minutes afterwards. And even now, just coming back to re-read and comment, I am laughing again. This week needed some laughter, so although I am sincerely sorry for the owl disaster (you fixed it beautifully, by the way!), I am thankful for the chance to laugh.

    Kim, can’t wait to hear how your party went this weekend!! I pinned a pattern for making a felt owl quite a while ago ( ) and hope someday to make them into adorable ornaments. Those pumpkins are fabulous–really loving this woodland theme!


    1. Haha I’m glad we could all laugh about it! It was one of those moments where it was just too funny to be upset.

      I love the felt owls – they would make such cute ornaments!


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