We Were Made for More

The Price of Life Festival - River Run North - wearegospelgirls
Earlier this month my friend Courtney invited our small group to a series of events raising awareness against human trafficking, and as luck would have it I was able to join her for the finale concert on a Friday night. This is remarkable, because 1) I do not do things on a Friday night unless it involves being at home on my couch, and 2) ending human trafficking is an issue I care deeply about and have wanted to get involved in for a seriously long time, which is why I was away from my couch and at a big concert hall instead.

The event was called The Price of Life. It was amazing. If the Lord wasn’t there, I don’t know who was. The speakers preached it, they brought it, they brang it, they prayed it. The bands brought the Kingdom to the stage, and God’s best was there in that room as together we stood in agreement that we were made for more – that everyone is made for more. This photo is of Run River North. No words. Just know they are amazing. If you click over to their website, watch the video for “Fight to Keep” and “Foxbeard” (also below). Both are even better in concert.

There’s more I’d like to say about this event that totally changed my perspective on how each of us can play a role in the movement to abolish slavery or about what I learned from a survivor of sex slavery at the event or even how the gospel is brought to a group of people eager for more. But even more than going into all of that, I want to just share with all of you that we had a moment and in that moment God’s best was there.

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