Guest Post: God’s Best in My Life

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I’m working on God’s best in my life by allowing Him to mold me in the area of love. Agape love. – Krystle

Love, love, love this submission from Krystle about how she’s pursuing God’s best in her life. And to give y’all a sneak peek, her photo totally ties in with where we’re heading next week. To learn more about what we mean when we say more of God’s best check this post out. And to contribute a photo and a few words on how you see God’s best in your life or where you’re working on God’s best, email us at

Follow along with 31 Days to More of God’s Best and Less of the Mess with the handy dandy outline at the bottom of this post or click the button below.

31 Days to More of God's Best



  1. Yay, Krystle! 🙂 Seems like (as in the diagram from a couple days ago) all of God’s best starts with love. His love for us and in us, enabling us to share that love with the people around us. I hope to be able to submit something this month, but you know me–I’m not good at being concise and to the point. My submission would be, um, slightly wordier. We’ll see how I feel in the next couple weeks!


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