Where Does the Best Come From?

Where the best comes from: God's love radiates outward to us our families our community and our world. #31Days

Since we’re spending the next #31Days moving toward More of God’s Best and Less of the Mess, I made us a pretty diagram about where that best comes from.

The best happens when God’s love radiates from Him into you and me, from you and me into our families or the people we surround ourselves with day in and day out, then into our communities as we venture out of the home and into the world, and then the world. Imagine like a starburst starting at the center and moving outward. It’s pretty much like that.

When God’s love is filling us up, it’s overflowing out to the people around us and the places we go. And when that happens we see a lot more of the best and a lot less of the mess.

Follow along with 31 Days to More of God’s Best and Less of the Mess with the handy dandy outline at the bottom of this post or click the button below.

31 Days to More of God's Best



    1. Thanks, Renee! I’m a big fan of visuals and my church has been using some really cool ones lately. This is one that I made during my study time a couple months ago and is really similar to some of the ones my church has been using to illustrate it, too. 🙂


  1. When I look at this diagram, I can’t help but think about what happens when more than one person centers their life around God. That means we all have the same starting point (God) but our circles move out in different directions (our individual families, communities, etc.) and eventually we start to intersect/overlap each other, creating a pretty amazing impact on the world together. Obviously more complicated to diagram, but pretty awesome to think about!


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