Big Skies and God’s Best (#31Days)

31 Days to God's Best - Big Skies
I have a serious thing for big skies. I’m talking miles of blue and clouds and sun and uninterrupted gorgeousness. I see God’s best in big skies. This photo is one of those moments when my phone, Instagram, the sky, and the fields of one of our favorite orchards all lined up for photo perfection.

To read more about how we’re aiming for More of God’s Best and Less of the Mess this month, click over here. Some days it will look like a conversation about how we can get closer to it as individuals and a community and some days, like today, we’ll just pause and celebrate where it already is. To submit your own photo and a few words (or more!) about how you see God’s best, where you’d like to see God’s best, or where you’re currently working toward God’s best, email us at and join the party. It’s going to be real.

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31 Days to More of God's Best

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  1. I have a serious thing for beautiful skies, too! I think I told you this before, but I dream of one day living in a place where I will have a clear view of the sunrise and the sunset every. single. day. Honestly, that would be a big ol’ piece of heaven for me. I hope it’s a “someday” dream rather than a “not in this lifetime” dream, but that’s still unclear 🙂 . It’s interesting how the enormous sky actually makes God feel nearer to me. I don’t exactly understand it but I ain’t gonna argue. I’ll just keep staring off into every beautiful sky I can find!


    1. Courtney, I’m the same way! My husband teases me, because I can’t get enough of the sky when we travel. I’m always like “look how far it goes!” I firmly believe my sister’s hood has the biggest sky anywhere except for southern FL! Though you Pacific Northwesterners have some pretty good sky out there, too!


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