October = The Best (#31 Days)

31 Days to More of God's Best

Since October is going to dedicated to nothing but the best, and I mean nothing but 31 Days to More of God’s Best and Less of the Mess (read more about that here) I thought we could dig into what that phrase really means.

31 Days to More of God’s Best is definitely not a prosperity gospel thing. As much as I want it to rain money from the sky (and believe me, I do…) that’s not really at all what this month is exploring. Pursuing more of God’s best and less of the mess really means asking ourselves how, as followers of Jesus, can we be part of the solution instead the problem.

The followers of Jesus part is important, because it’s His Spirit and His Kingdom that we’re praying for more of, and the solution starts with asking how can we love ourselves and others more, because love really gets to the bottom of a lot of this world’s messes.

How can we look at people’s needs – the love of Jesus and others, healthy food, clean water, safe living spaces, clean clothing, education, financial fitness, purpose, creativity and expression – and help meet them so they know that they are loved and valued?

How can we feed our people well, take care of ourselves physically and emotionally, create safe and welcoming homes, use kind words in place of demeaning ones, encourage our friends’ gifts and talents, give hope to those who need it, and enjoy and share the blessings God’s given us?

Ad how can we overcome those things that stand between us and our ability to love well and live well and help others overcome them, too?

The best part is that while each person aiming for more of God’s best makes a difference, it’s even better when we do it together. We may not ever be perfect at it, but we can march in the right direction.

So that’s what October is all about. Thinking about how we can make that a reality. It might look like food, it might look like decorating, it might look like contemplations, and it might look like stuff to hang on our walls and make our houses purrty, but it’s definitely all going to be shooting at the best.

And we’ll also be pausing to celebrate where we already see that best. We’re doing that last part with short posts about how we already see God’s best in our lives or how we’re working toward that. You can see what that looks like tomorrow and you can email your own submission to wearegospelgirls@outlook.com (check out Friday’s post for more on that, too).

It’s never too late to jump in! Follow along here…

31 Days to More of God's Best

The Intro Stuff

What Does More of God’s Best and Less of the Mess Mean?
How to Get Involved
Where Does the Best Come From?
Free 8×10 Scripture Art Printable of 1 John 4:4b
Guest Post: More of God’s Best in My Life (Krystle)
A Dose of Hope and  Preview of What’s to Come

God’s Best in Your Life

Why Does Loving Yourself Matter?
How Do We Love Ourselves Best?
Eight Things for More of the Best in Your Life
Free 4×6 Scripture Art Printable of John 3:30

God’s Best in Our Families

The Best for Our Families: Why Loving Our People Matters
How to Share God’s Best at Home
Seeing the Beauty in the Undone
Six Things for Loving Our People Well
Dose of Hope: Philippians 2:3-4

God’s Best in Our Community

Why Loving our Community Matters
We Were Made for More
How Do We Love our Community
Dose of Hope: Romans 15:5-6

Wrapping Up

How to Throw an Owl-O-Ween Party
Guest Post: How I See God’s Best in My Life
If You Give Your Neighbor a Cookie

Psst, more good stuff…

Jen Hatmaker’s post on the question “Why does God allow pain and suffering?” is sooo good. Seriously, read it. Print it. Share it on your Facebook walls.

Edie at Life in Grace is sharing a menu plan for the entire month of October, and I’m pretty sure this just made October even more awesome.



  1. I just got back from taking Elijah to the library and decided to look at some books for myself. After grabbing two books I looked at them and realized they were both about love. Loving God/people. I seriously thought to myself,”Ok, God has a theme for me right now,” then I read this post.:), and what do you know:)….. you are talking about it! I’m so excited to see what God is going to do through October!


    1. I seriously love when that happens. He’s been hitting me over the head with the same message left and right, so I’m sure He has something He’s trying to get through. I’m asking Him to steal the show, so here’s to seeing something beautiful in October. (And can I tell you how much I love your enthusiasm. Like seriously seriously love.)


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