Quotable: We Can Only Do the Splits For So Long


Quotable - Beth Moore from Get Out of that Pit
I’m reading Beth Moore’s Get Out of That Pit for the second time, because I love her work. See that quote up there? I love it. Let’s keep moving a little closer to heaven



  1. You know what? When you were really discouraged recently and I was trying to think of something to help, I thought about sending you this book. I haven’t read it but have loved the Beth Moore studies I’ve done in the past (Breaking Free is AMAZING!) and the subject of this book seemed perfectly suited to where you were at. I’m so glad to know I wasn’t crazy off base when I was thinking that and that you already have it. I love this idea that when we’re called to leave things behind in order to follow Jesus, we’re not just talking about things we don’t want to leave behind. We’re also talking about leaving behind shame and fear and the other ugly things we do to ourselves. Which is awesome. And why is it so hard for us to leave behind the things that destroy us? Thankful that God keeps reminding us that we are free. That we don’t have to be condemned any more. And I’m thankful for you, Friend. Yes. So very thankful for you!


    1. I LOVE that! They do say great minds think alike. šŸ˜‰ I think your tea and mug did the trick, and I haven’t put the mug down since I got it. I’ve heard like ten dozen times that Breaking Free is amazing. I looove her love of Scripture. It gets me so fired up. I need to pick that one up and read it.

      And yes – hearing you on all of the above. Totally nodding my head. And that we don’t have to carry those things into our relationships with others. Hurt people don’t actually have to hurt more people. We can accept, be changed by, and hand out His best instead. So thankful for you, too!!


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