Stuff for Our Saturday

Join incourage in Kenya in spirit as they fund 4 projects for Mercy House a home for women and their babies

Good morning, ladies (and gents???). I hope this Saturday is treating you well. Today I’m interrupting our regular programming to get together with you guys and pray for a few things:

Let’s pray for the people in Colorado who were affected by the massive flooding. The hubster’s mom is in that area, so this hits us close to home. Thankfully, she’s OK, but this morning we heard the floods covered an area the size of Connecticut. So let’s lift it up and pray that God’s love is seen in a big way.

Let’s also pray for (in)courage‘s partnership with Mercy House Kenya. (in)courage is a blog by women for women to connect and talk about faith, friends, marriage, life, home, whatever. Over the next few months they’re raising funds for Mercy House, founded by Kristin Welch of We Are THAT Family, to offer a safe retreat for pregnant women who would otherwise be subject to poverty and back alley abortions in the nation’s poorest areas. Visit Pure Charity if you’re interested in learning more and partnering with them either in prayer or giving, because both are always needed.

And last but not least, let’s pray this weekend is an opportunity to grow closer to God, closer to each other, and to fill up on more of what matters and less of what doesn’t. We’re cruising along to one of our fave Hudson River Valley wineries and orchards to celebrate a friend’s bday and enjoy this new burst of fall weather! Hope this weekend brings you lots of reminders of how loved you are!

inMercy - join incourage and Mercy House in Spirit in Kenya now through the end of the year



  1. Glad to hear that Heshan’s mom is safe–will pray for God’s mercy on the others in the area as well. I hope you are finding moments of rest and hope on your weekend trip, Kim. Praying hard for you today especially and sending love all the way from here!


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