Dose of Hope: Isaiah 26:9

 Throughout the night, my heart searches for you, because your decisions show everyone on this earth how to live right. - Isaiah 26:9 #dosesofhope (printable memory verse card at the link)

I’ve been giving this concept a lot of thought recently, how God’s biggest desire is to show us the right way just because He loves us. Because He wants to bless us, and He doesn’t want this world to hurt. Like He also says here, here, here, and even here (I mean, it sounds kind of intense, but He says it!). I wonder how different this world would be if all of us knew Him and all of us believed this. This verse motivates me to remember that and to share His love with others, too.

As always, you can save and print the memory verse card below by right clicking.

Isaiah 26:9 printable memory verse card -
And Chris Tomlin’s version of this song is a great way to meditate further on this verse.

I hope your weekend is full of good things!

Original picture of clouds are coming by Vera Kratochvil. Text added by gospel girls.



  1. Good verse, Kim. In response to your comment on my blog? We are actually planning to spend time in NYC – like a tour or visit sights as I have never been there!


  2. I just read all the verses you mentioned here in succession and it really struck me how much God wants us to know the right path to walk in–because He knows it is the best path for our life and the one which will bring us nearer to Him. Sometimes I get stuck on the idea of God’s ways being above our ways, hidden from us–and I guess sometimes they are. But these verses make it clear than He does not hide from us what we need to know to follow Him and walk in His path for us. Clinging to this hope…for you and for me, Friend.


    1. Yes, this is something He’s speaking to me about a lot now both in my life and on a global level – how we can participate with Him in making this world more like His Kingdom by following His instructions. It really struck me too how much He very much wants us to have the best, and He’s not hiding it from us. Thanks for your thoughts as always! Heart you big time.


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