Four Fun Things For a Birthday

This weekend marked two birthdays ’round here. Why not celebrate with a round up of adorable and affordable ideas for a super fun birthday celebration for the people in your life?

ice cream tacos via

Ice cream tacos. Hear me out on these. For those of us on a healthier diet, why not whip these up with brown rice tortillas (gluten-free, yeast-free), a big scoop of Coconut Bliss or So Delicious (both sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free), and agave nectar in place of the corn syrup. Here are the ingredients I’d use: Food for Life brown rice tortillas, Coconut Bliss or So Delicious sugar-free, agave nectar, Sunspire chips, cinnamon + stevia or coconut sugar. If you make them, holla and let me know how they are.

michaelannmade - tissue paper flower
tissue paper flower via michael ann made

My friend taught a few of us how to make larger versions of these for her wedding, and I couldn’t believe how easy and pretty they are! This version is smaller, making it great for centerpieces, decorations tied to stair rails or taped to the wall, or bows on gifts. Click through for the full tutorial on michael ann made and check out this great pack of multi-colored tissue paper on Amazon (made in the USA)!

ferrever - bday cards
birthday card pack via ferrever paper products

These handmade birthday cards from Ferrever Paper Products come out to just $2.00 a card, way cheaper than specialty cards in the store and also way nicer. I love having bday cards on hand to send to friends and family members with a little note, and guess what else I love? Buying straight from the maker! Win win.

ohhappyday - honeycomb garland
honeycomb garland via oh happy day

Can we pause in collective unison over how beautiful this honeycomb garland is? Apparently it’s even easy to make, which means I’m bookmarking it and looking for excuses. See the instructions at Oh Happy Day and the honeycomb balls for $1.29 each on Amazon (also made in the USA!).

How do you like to celebrate? Share your ideas and finds with us in the comments!



  1. Hi ! Usually I am just so grateful for all in my life, that I feel that celebration has to be in the little details, in everything in life ! I turned 30 last year and things seems to be different, I just feel I am blessed for having my family, love, health, food and an opportunity everyday to be better than I was in the day before.. So, lately, I want to celebrate life ! (Just read you “about us” page and it got me inspired, this is really what I like to celebrate lately..) =) Tks for the tips, loved all of them, specially the colorful garland and the tacos with ice cream.. yummy!


  2. I’m going to sheepishly admit here and now that I didn’t realize you and Steph are twins until just recently! Yep. I’m super smart like that 🙂 . Love these fun celebratory ideas. I’ve been wanting to make cinnamon-sugar tortilla ice cream bowls ( because I always have leftover tortillas. And those cards are adorable! I really need to spend some time on Etsy. I’ve never purchased anything there but lately I’ve been seeing some great things for reasonable prices–and to support people in making a living off their handmade art in the process is such a great thing. And that garland is *super* happy. Love it! Hope you and Steph both had fun birthdays!!


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