Four Things For Slowing Down

busyness is rarely Holy Spirit time. It’s rarely the time we hear that still small voice or we pause to feel that almost invisible gift God’s giving in the moment. (Click through for the full post)

You and me? We’re busy. But this is a thing right now. People all over are asking, “why am I so busy again?” Steph and I have a thing against busy, but I’d say that looks wildly different in our wildly different lives. That doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that busyness is rarely Holy Spirit time. It’s rarely the time we hear that still small voice or we pause to feel that almost invisible gift God’s giving in the moment.

I learned on that these days “ humans create more information in 2 days than we did from the dawn of civilization through 2003. (according to Google’s Eric Schmidt)” That means Abraham moved a whole lot slower than you and me. He processed things more slowly. Thought about them more. Turned them over in his mind for longer periods of time. And so did Moses, Peter, Paul, or just about anyone else in history.

Pick one or more of these and read it today. Let’s be un-busy. Let’s banish busy. Or at least let’s take a few minutes to think about it. And maybe today or tomorrow we’ll move a little slower and find a gift we almost missed in all fast paced stuff of today.

What it Really Means to Do Less and Be More

It’s All About the Heart, Not the Hustle

How to Pay Attention to the Moment in Front of You

We Can Be Better

Original photo of Stranger #50 by BenRaynal from Flickr Creative Commons.  Adapted by Stephanie Oh.

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  1. I totally get the being against being busy yet my life doesnt show it. It’s funny how even as a “sick” person I still am crazy busy. It has been taking a toll on my emotions and by night time I’m spent. I know if I would slow down I wouldn’t find myself getting so negative about life by the end of the night. There are so many distractions, especially technology. I need to ingnore the phone and stay off the net more, and I think that would help a ton. Plus I think my body is trying to tell me something because the last two days I’m not waking up till 9:).


    1. Yes, I’ve noticed this is a big conversation among Christians right now, and it was something Jesus talked about a LOT with His disciples. I love how “still” in the Bible even means stilling our thoughts and emotions so that we don’t fear or worry or harbor anger. I agree with you on the internet. I think it can be a big blessing but like all things it needs it’s place in our lives, and it’s easy to let our minds be unstill if we’re on it too much. (But I’m glad you stopped by here while you were online!!) XO.


  2. Being an introvert with chronic illness has done a pretty good job of keeping my life un-busy. But it’s interesting how an un-busy life doesn’t automatically produce an un-busy heart. The post from Chatting at the Sky is the one I’m pondering most right now. It seems like there’s an initial need to declutter one’s schedule first, but then there’s also got to be a decluttering of the heart–because I think it’s only the inner being still (which opens us up to God) that will ever sustain the outer being still. We aren’t meant to be empty or unfilled (in heart or in life) but rather overflowing with God. And I know from experience that a low-key schedule doesn’t lead to that on it’s own. I’m needing to be challenged on this right now, so thanks for that!


    1. Courtney, your thoughts are exactly what Gordon McDonald says in his book “Ordering Your Private World.” It’s so true. I think slowing down has way less to do with our schedules and way more to do with stilling our thoughts and feelings and finding peace on our Rock. We can be super unbusy and still full of discontent. Probably another piece of human nature. 😉


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