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stephanie_david_scott_henderson_photographyour wedding day

I love listening to some of my favorite pastors and ministers online throughout the week; they always offer so much wisdom and perspective. Recently my husband turned off the TV and tuned in to Gary Thomas, an international speaker and bestselling author of faith, marriage, and parenting books including his latest, The Sacred Search.

Gary delivered a five session Sacred Marriage conference at our church in May that we meant to attend but didn’t because life happens and it snuck up on us. Oops.  Thankfully, the whole conference audio is available online through Reston Bible Church’s website in five audio sessions including downloadable conference booklets. So my hubs started tuning in and I listened along with him, and let me tell you… it’s good! Gary has a way with words, a simple, straightforward approach that’s funny, engaging, down to earth, and impactful.

Honestly, it’s so good it’s worth a listen even if you’re not yet married.

I thought it’d be fun to share links to the audio sessions here for anyone else that’s interested. Each session is about an hour long, but it goes quickly and is a fun listen.  After the first session my husband said he was so glad he turned the TV off and listened to Gary instead. That means it’s at least as entertaining as Duck Dynasty, right?!?

Full disclosure: we haven’t listened to the full conference yet. But maybe we can work our way through them together… only separate… not like together-together, but like together “in spirit.”

Audio is available as streaming, or you can download the free MP3s and listen on the go, from Reston Bible Church:

Sacred Marriage Conference – Session 1: Sacred Marriage (by Gary Thomas)

Sacred Marriage Conference  – Session 2: Sacred History (by Gary Thomas)

Sacred Marriage Conference – Session 3: Sexual Saints (by Gary Thomas)

Sacred Marriage Conference – Session 4: Extravagant Love (by Gary Thomas)

Sacred Marriage Conference – Session 5: Q&A (by Gary Thomas)


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