Dose of Hope: Keep On Knocking, and the Door Will Be Opened to You

Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you - Matthew 7:7-8b #dosesofhope

A little over a week ago I posted about Jesus’ words to His disciples about believing and receiving, and if I could re-write that I’d take everything out but His words. Because there are some things we can’t always explain with human heads, and in a heart to heart with Jesus a week ago He showed me that it’s OK to shut up and let Him do the talking.

When it comes to understanding all the ins and outs of His word, my head isn’t big enough, my mind isn’t open enough, my eyes are too blind to see. The more I try to make sense of it, the further off I probably get. Some things we just have to take by faith and let the Spirit do the talking.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Right click to save the memory verse card below to print and memorize with us this week.

Matthew 7:7-8 memory verse card #dosesofhope

Original image by taliesin from morguefile. Text and overlay added by Stephanie Oh.



  1. Goodness, I think what you wrote is so true….I am trying to figure out whether to talk about my experience with the power of God at the healing service. Hard to explain! Hugs, friend!


    1. Renee, for what it’s worth I loved hearing about your experience! It’s hard to describe how the Spirit moves in our lives sometimes, but your testimony of what that experience did in you and how you felt afterward really moved me! 🙂


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