Dose of Hope: (More) Believe and Receive

You can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours - Mark 11:24 #dosesofhope

I wrote about this verse yesterday, and then immediately I was like “Eek, this is a big one! What the heck am I doing?!” Jesus said that we can pray about anything, and if we believe we’ve received it, it will be ours. That opens the door to a whole lot of questions, doesn’t it? I’m not even going to pretend to try to answer them, because I couldn’t if I wanted to. A girl could drive herself crazy that way.

But I know these words are true, because Jesus spoke them. I also know God’s love for us – all of us – is miles wider than we can even imagine. And that what He promises always comes to pass, even when it happens differently than we imagined. And most of all, I know that when we have questions, He is the answer.

“I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You are Yourself the answer. Before Your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice?” ― C.S. Lewis

I loved what Krystle said in the comments yesterday about drawing close to God and allowing Him to reveal His heart to us. If you haven’t read it, check it out.

And I would love to know what you guys think. Share it in the comments. I hope you guys are all filled with the knowledge that God loves you. That He sees us as we are, where we are. And that we can boldly approach Him in prayer, knowing He loves to give good gifts. And most of all, when we have more questions than answers, that He is always the answer. Have a great weekend!

Right click to save the pocket-sized memory verse card below, to print out and memorize with us this week.

Mark 11:24 memory verse card

Original picture of Mountain Silhouettes by Petr Kratochvil. Text added by Stephanie Oh.



  1. I’ve been pondering this passage and subject matter since you posted the other day…and more than once I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got nothing to add to this discussion because I don’t have answers the to these enormous questions either.

    Still, there is one thing I can’t get off my mind and it’s this: This passage in Mark comes in response to the disciples basically standing there in “shock and awe” because they can’t believe that when Jesus cursed the fig tree and said it would never bear fruit, it really was cursed. Basically, it’s like they’re shocked that Jesus has power, that what He says is going to happen actually *does* happen. And Jesus’ response to them is this (vs. 22): “Have faith in God.” And then he follows that with these words about prayer and belief, etc. So maybe the heart of this passage is not so much about believing we can have whatever we pray for but more about believing that in God all things are possible, that He really can do anything for us–even if He chooses not to. And like you’ve said here, God is always the answer we’re looking for, no matter the question or the request we’ve brought to Him.

    See, no big answers here either, just a fellow traveler pondering a Great God. I think, though, that I need to re-read/finish reading Philip Yancey’s book on prayer. I never made it all the way through (a common occurrence for me) but the first half was quite helpful to me at a time when I was desperately searching for a bit of understanding after a friend’s tragic death. I’d highly recommend the book (I believe it’s aptly entitled “Prayer”) if you’re interested.

    Much grace to you tonight and always, Kim!


    1. I think you said it well, and I wish I kept it more simple in my post. I think it’s true… our job is to pray with the belief that God CAN do anything we’re asking and that He always does what is good, but sometimes the “belief” part means standing in faith for years or decades and sometimes the “receive” part doesn’t happen until heaven. That’s the tough part for us, because it’s soooo tempting for me to put a timeline on things when it’s more about standing in faith that God is God and is full of good even when the world is bad. Thanks for sharing this. I’m making a note of Philip Yancey’s book. I absolutely LOVED “The Jesus I Never Knew,” another one of his books.


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