Music for Your Midweek

summer jams for the start of the season

Once upon a time I worked in the music industry, and I knew a lot about music before it even hit the radio. These days I do not work in the music industry and I do not know the newest songs before they hit the radio, but I still like to shake my booty and sing along to a good song. Just ask the hubster. I made him listen to Sirius XM’s 90’s radio the whole way back from our date in Connecticut on Sunday, and I’m pretty sure my dance to Kriss Kross’s “Jump Jump” will give him nightmares for weeks to come.

These are some albums and songs that  I’m singing along to – click the “Listen Here” link under each of them to listen. What about you guys? Any old or new faves to share?

torches the friction

Torches – The Friction

The hubster and I know the lead singer of Torches, and by “we know him” I mean the hubster knows him and I just listen to the album like crazy. Think Hillsong United-ish. Totally addictive. Every song is gold, and I can’t take it off repeat. Listen here.

cassadee pope

Cassidee Pope – “Wasting All These Tears”

You know I love me some Cassidee Pope ever since Steph and her husband got us hooked on The Voice. I’m rooting for the Swon Brothers this time, so don’t tell me if they’re still in the running. I’m a few weeks behind! Obvs, I love this song. Listen here.

natalie grant hurricane
Natalie Grant – “Hurricane”
Summer is the season of the pop song, and Natalie Grant‘s “Hurricane” has become my unexpected summer jam this year. It’s upbeat, it’s girly, and it’s good. Listen here.

the lone bellow
The Lone Bellow

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: I’m a sucker for anything that sounds like it could have been recorded on a big porch under a sky full of fireflies. A couple of months ago, some of our good friends asked us if we’d heard of The Lone Bellow. And because I’m not that hip I said no. But now I’m hooked. Listen here.

sara bareilles brave
Sara Bareilles – “Brave”

Annie Downs posted this song on her blog, so I checked it out and I love it. It’s about being brave enough to say what’s right and speak truth, and isn’t that the truth? Listen here.

branches thou art the dream
Branches – Thou Art the Dream

Branches is another band that makes me want to shake off my shoes and lay out under the stars. My friend played this album last weekend while we made girly crafts for her wedding day, and I was into it. Listen here.

david crowder band all this for a king

David Crowder Band – All This for a King: The Essential Collection

Of course I’m saving the best for last, and that’s because if you and I are honest with ourselves it’s hard to top David Crowder Band. Sometimes I sit around (i.e. work very had) and make “best of David Crowder Band” playlists on Spotify for the fun of it, because a girl needs something to sing along to while she works. So their new best of album is obviously fantastic from beginning to end. Listen here.

What are you guys listening to?



  1. Totally pulling for the Swon Brothers! That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    Love the David Crowder album, natch.

    I’m going to have to check out some of these other albums!



  2. Love David Crowder. My fav hands down. Right now the song that I keep listening to is Not Ashamed – Kristian Stanfill ( the live one, Passion: White Flag). Love it, gets me fired up.:)


    1. Ooh Kristian Stanfill is one of my new faves! I love “Lord of All” and “Always” – I haven’t heard “Not Ashamed” yet, checking it out now.


  3. Smiling big at the thought of you dancing crazy to 90s music!

    I love music, too. So much! I discovered Cody Fry on NoiseTrade recently and now I can’t stop listening to his song “Stop Breathing” (feat. Haley Hamilton). It’s beautiful as a love song, certainly–but when you think of it in terms of expressing a wholehearted, headlong pursuit of God, our One True Love, it’s absolutely stunning.

    Favorite summer music would have to be Needtobreathe’s album “The Outsiders.” I mean, I am a huge fan of Needtobreathe at any time of year, but that album in particular is so great for sunroof-open, windows-down, happy-summer driving. “Through Smoke” is probably my favorite song from that CD, but I love them all. A lot.

    Other albums that haven’t left my stereo lately are Rhett Walker Band’s debut “Come to the River” and Matt Maher’s “The Love In Between.”


    1. Good to know about Noisetrade! I always hear it’s good, but I need to check it out. Also, love love love Needtobreathe! Good one. Heshan is super into Rhett Walker Band’s singles on the radio, so that’s a great recommendation, and I’ll check out Matt Maher’s album. I’ve only heard the stuff on the radio. I’ve been listening Jared Anderson’s album The Narrow Road which I just got as a gift and Kristian Stanfill’s “Not Ashamed” since Krystle recommended it. Love getting new stuff into rotation. 🙂


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