Dose of Hope: Come Close to God

Come close to God, and God will come close to you - James 4:8a {} #dosesofhope
Memory verse (right click the card below to save, print, and memorize with us this week!)

Come close to God... James 4:8a memory verse {}

Prayer isn’t about a spiritual discipline. It’s not about checking something off and earning points with God. It doesn’t make Him love us any more or less.

It’s about entering into intimate, deep communion with our Creator. It’s about experiencing His love for us, being assured of it again and again. It’s about a conversation with Him, a God who cares. It’s about telling Him what we need and thanking Him for all He’s done. And it changes things.

It changes our hearts, our minds, our outlooks, our thoughts. It opens us up to receive floodgates of blessings and comfort when we need it most. It moves mountains, and is the greatest gift of service we can offer to those we love. Because prayer invites God in. It puts Him at the proper place of glory and moves all other things in our lives to their proper place oriented around Him. It’s not the only thing that we do as Christians who have fallen head over heels in love with our Savior, but it is the first thing.

In prayer we are filled up with His love and we live out the overflow.



  1. I love the scripture Samari idea! This is so true….I saw myself wielding a sword not too long ago…..wearing full armor…Granny Warrior! Speaking scriptures and doing battle with Gods word! Works for me. :). Hugs. Love…prayers….


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